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  1. Awesome Hero Assault map for Battlefront 1. Check it out!! http://files.filefront.com/Mos_Eisley_Hero_Assault_Delta/;6101021;/fileinfo.html
  2. Jk2 is cool, Quake is awesome, and Dark Forces is the best!!
  3. I'm proud to say that my clan leader discovered this.
  4. I would say that Dark Forces and Jedi Academy are the best. They're just so uber cool!!
  5. Ya, I use xfire too. My community plays JKA actively, as it used to be the only game they played. Called The World Gaming Order, it used to be called Jedi Battle Arena and that's what our JKA server is called.
  6. Awesome game. The enemies are kinda dumb and like cardboard figures though.
  7. i have a big problem on multi and single player. on multiplayer i start the game and its fine, but i try to join a server and it says, DEFAULT MODEL_KYLE missing or something like that. on single player, i start it up and its fine. but on all the save games i get something like G_ParseAnimationFile:File models/players/_humanoid/animation.cfg too long. Help me!!!
  8. I have a server up, and the server window where you boot people from is up, but how would i get rid of the server settings window without closing the server?
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