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  1. a liitle late now,just got the message today :0

  2. Doing OK ,not a whole lot of free time availible right now.

  3. it should be 804dro(if i'm wrong it's 803dro) :p

  4. no,didn't try it. I'm finishing up a sith sorcerer currently.(it was easier than the sentinal).

  5. personally, no. the boss fights in tor are a major pain at times and the main reason I may not renew next time around.

  6. Not doing much right now.(modding wise) rl keeps me pretty busy these days.

  7. Sure, you'll have to let me know ahead of time couse my sentinal is idle rightnow after finishing the story line(nothing to do) so I'm currently going with a sith sorcerer.

  8. Not much started playing swtor and can't stop. :0

  9. Hey Q, sorry to hear about recent events and hope your feeling better!

  10. I thought I already had ,oops :(, anyway it's been re-uploaded at DS http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/117-placeable-eh-model-for-tsl/

  11. I'm in Va,just a lot of tree and debris stuff to clean up, not too bad considering what some others went through.

  12. Not much,been busy with cleaning up after the Hurrican came through last week. I was lucky only 3 days without power.

  13. Not really,I know in the past I tried something with those and never could get anything to work.

  14. Just sent the link to the files.

  15. Not sure about a size limit,but we did have issue originally(because of size) with TSLRCM and Stream/Doctor had to do it for us. He had to do it directly to the server. You shouldn't need anything special to upload. when ready give it a try and let me know if it won't go.

  16. OK, the one good thing about the station is it's in pieces so if you want I can "explode" just main section and have the other pieces fly off.

  17. OK, I'm running off full render now it'll take about an hour,(to see how it all looks). If all is ok I'll send all the max files and you can adjust camera angles and such since you know how you want it to look.

  18. Hey can you add the "explosion" picture through sony? I can do it in max though I'm having trouble finding a good picture. If you can do it easier then it won't be an issue.

  19. Slow,it's been terribly hot (over 100)the last week and I've been exhausted by the time I get home. Good news is not too much more to do.

  20. Got it now to have some fun with it. :p

  21. Sent PM let me know if that one is OK.

  22. I got a little side tracked with some fixes for TSLRCM that I've been putting off for months.

    Now that those are done I can get back to doing the max stuff.

  23. I've had the same issue

  24. Made some proggress on the video,up to about an hour or so render time. I will send a link with a video soon hopeflly.

  25. Still the same as last,one I showed you. works had me so busy lately I've been too exhausted to do much when I get home. I'm gonna work on it here in a little bit.

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