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  1. I know there is alot of conflicting things in SW, but some are just so conflicting that it makes SW look stupid. maybe there are explainations It is forbidden in the SW movies to love, yet it seems that in all things SW love happens all the time. Revan and Bastilla, Luke Skywalker and his wife, and many other instances that i cannot recall. In ROTS, Padme says that if the council finds out that he is the father he will be expelled, but when other Jedi like Revan and Bastilla have children and start their own lineage (Satele Shan), it is not frowned upon. What is the deal? In the Clone Wars, the jedi are actively involved in the war. In KOTOR, the council warned the jedi not to battle the mandalorians in the mandalorian wars as they claim that it will lead to the dark side. They believed that killing people would enpower the jedi that went to war. Fighting the mandalorians would enlighten the jedi about the power they have over people when they kill them leading them to the dark side. Much like a police officer gets a power trip when he has control over people, a Jedi feels the power over someone when they kill them. In war, you hafto make sacrifices in terms of human life. Doing this would defene them to human life. Also, losing a fellow jedi taht was close to another jedi would lead that jedi to want to seek revenge on the mandalorains would killed that jedi. I agree with this all. Why then were the Jedi during the Clone Wars allowed to fight in the war? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Jedi would be killing mostly droids (CIS) instead of humans, but that would still lead to feeling powerfull no? The last one is concerning Darth Plagueis. In ROTS, Palps stated that the tradegy of Darth Plagueis the wise was a legend. If he was a legend then he would be well known and especially to the jedi council. However in TPM, Mace Windu states that the Sith have been extinct for a millenia. How then could Palp be Plageuis apprentice as SW media suggests? If Plags was a legend then he could not have been Sids master as the Jedi believed the Sith to be extinct? Also if Palps was Plags apprentice, why didn't he straight up tell Anakin. In ROTS, Palps says "To cheat death is a task only one has achieved but if we work together i know we can discover the secret". If he wanted Anakin as his apprentice then why not straight up tell him " I am Plags apprentice. He taught me everything he knew. I have the knowledge of saving your wife from death. Join me"? Instead, Palps didnt mention this and Anakin went to the jedi council to have Palps arrested. Makes no sense.
  2. Then why did Yoda say ""No. He is too old. Too old to begin the training" In the ROTS DVD, Lucas states that the two battles at the end of the movie are battles of equals in terms of force ability. He says that Obi Wan and Anakin are equal and that Palp and Yoda are equal. Im not trying to be an ******* to you, but there seems to be alot of contradiction in Star Wars. Then why would Yoda just let StarKiller go? He was certainly lead a new generation to a fighting chance
  3. Why didn't they join the rebel alliance during the dark times era/TFU time? It is my understanding that Yoda went into exile because he couldn't destroy the emperor. He then went into exile on Dagobah. Then he encounters Starkiller. Yoda must realize that he is a very powerfull force sensitive and that he is not of the Sith ( I think it was pretty apparent that Starkiller was a not a Sith, because of his mellow nature in the cutscene). Why wouldn't he have said something? Has Yoda lost all hope in the Jedi or destroying the Sith? Surely Yoda and Starkiller could have destroyed the Emperor and Vader. He could have atleast tried to destroy them. Yoda then is reluctant to train Luke. Did Yoda not care about the future of the Jedi or destroying the Sith. He lets an extremely powerful force sensitive go without figuring out anything about him and he is reluctant to train the offspring of the person with the highest minichlorian count ever. What is Yoda doing? Obi Wan goes into exile because he will watch over Luke. I don't understand why he didn't train Luke when he was young. If Luke was trained young, he could have easily destroyed the emperor and Vader. I have heard that the emperor would feel a new force user, but then why couldn't the emperor sense Obi Wan was where he was? Obi Wan definitely knew of the Rebel Alliance, because there were alot of people of Tattoine that were a part of it. Why didn't he join? Its almost as if he didn't care about the future of the Jedi or destruction of the Sith? Why didn't he want to destroy the sith? Imagine if Kota, Starkiller, Obi Wan, and Yoda were part of the rebel alliance? Game over Emperor
  4. Just a little speculation here. I still don't believe hes a clone. When the cloning tank website was up, we were kept making believe that maybe what Vader was telling SK wasn't true (about being a clone) and that he should explore his past. On the website when you unlocked all the visions, Subject 1138 (mentioned in the TFU 1 as the subject that had been stabbed by Vader) comes and destroys Subject 1157. I think in TFU 3, whether it be a video game or a novel or hey maybe even a movie, it will be revealed that SK is in fact the original SK. Right before you face Vader on top of the cloning platform, you go up an elevator. When it stops, Kota tells you "Don't go in there. The Dark Lord is waiting for you" You reply "Im done arguing General I have to do this". As soon as you enter the room, you are haunted by visions of Star Killer. It seems that the floor is a little foggy and cloudy. Wookiepedia states that "His anxiety, magnified greatly by the force, crushes neighboring equipment. Visions of Vader himself attacked him out of nowhere, although he was able to repel them, and voices of Juno and Kota echoed around him, Juno calling him a 'monster' and a 'thing', while Kota called him 'Vader's puppet - just a body filled with the memories of a dead man'." Is it possible that the visions he saw were not due to his anxiety, but maybe due to the aftermath of the dark cloning experiment Vader completed? Maybe Vader and Palpatine indulged into the Dark Side to bring back starkiller from the dead (maybe using the powers of Darth Plageius?)and keep him a vegetable state (the one shown in distant thunder?) so that they had a live template they could clone. Say the cloning process didn't work well as it hadn't in the past according to Kota, Vader and Palpatine decide to revive SK and just tell him hes a clone. He would doubt himself anyway, because he would see all the other clones in tanks and just automatically assume he is one. Also maybe the original clone had to be alive to create the perfect clone? (Which is why the Dark Apprentice exists). Perhaps the dark side experiment left a mark of dark side energy or maybe it was already there similar to the cave of evil on dagobah. This combined with the fact that this area was where SK was revived would lead have these visions? Also, Vader mentions at the end of the game during the fight, "Don't you wish to know where you came from?". Vader told SK that he was a clone, what else would there be to tell him if he was a clone? If he was a clone, Vader wouldn't ask him if he wanted to know where he came from. (Under the assumption that he was a clone) He was cloned, what else more is there to say? This makes believe there is more to the story. I think Vader and Palpatine found out Plageius's power or another power and used it. They someone how went into the Netherworld of the force and dragged his spirit out and back into the Original body when they realized the cloning processes wasnt working. Certainly interesting to consider I think in TFU 3, this will be the big revelation just as in ESB.
  5. he is falling. Hes not flying, hes kinda falling on an angle
  6. so what do all those Starkillers in the cave represent? his past clones that failed? Interesting why they were asking for help
  7. Spoilers Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) When Starkiller and Kota are free falling on Cato Nemoidia, they get picked up by the Rogue Shadow. Starkiller goes into the cockpit expecting to see Juno and no one is there. Then who the hell drove the Rogue Shadow to pick them up? Confusing
  8. cant wait sorry I dont have a XBOX 360 and im gonna buy the game on 360 nd use my roomates XBox, but is the demo free?
  9. ah i wanna read the spoiler but i dont ahhhhhhhhh
  10. ? Vader does not say 2 words shortly before that He says "I lied, as I have from the very beginning" in response to SK saying " You agreed to stay away" Get your facts straight
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