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  1. Taken from darkjedi_kyle.cog: material tip_mat=saberred0.mat local material side_mat=saberred1.mat local Yep, that's the red saber (I know, I'm lazy).
  2. They won't come back, but the JK Hub has achieved more in its short existence than the other sites have achieved since the dawn of JK. Think about it, we're comparing classic re-skins done with wordpad to total conversions done in 3DSM... It's like JA's quality graphics, on JK's quality engine. Not to mention that every editor is more proficient with COG. I do miss the old times, though. Never again will there be another game like JK, so as long as there is someone to compete with, I'll play it, mods or not. I didn't like JO/JA, but I haven't seen enough mods to see if anything makes it almost as fast paced or strategic as JK. It's not even Quake with Lightsabers like the advertisements claimed, it's too slow. Don't get me wrong, if you're the kind of person who says "Wow, did you see the graphics on that game? I've just gotta get that!" then JA, not JK, is for you. Obi-wan? I remember hearing about that game. Nobody really talks about it anymore, though.
  3. Yes, the SBX game is hosted on a map called "Atlantis". You'll need to put the Atlantis .GOB file in your episode directory, then you'll need to get "SBX 3.1", create a folder called SBX in the same folder as JK.EXE, put the SBX .GOB file in the SBX folder, then run JK.EXE using -path SBX. An alternative, is you can use the program "Patch Commander" to toggle SBX (and other mods) on and off (you'll have to launch JK from Patch Commander to play mods this way) The other game on JKDS uses default maps with no mods, and you should be able to get into that one without changing anything. http://irc://irc.holonet.org/jk - Harsh, anti-SBX community, but you'll get more games, with more players, on faster paced maps. (you'll need mIRC to connect)
  4. It looks like Yackman, the second leader of the once massive and powerful Prince clan, subordinate only to Toli, but far more skilled, set that site up. Not Massassi. Massassi is dead, and the only site they host that is still used for JK is http://jkhub.net. The rest is just another internet clogging, spider eating "forum community" that we would all be better off without. Not to slander Massassi or anything, they provided a great service to the community when JK was newer, and they should be respected for that, but they didn't set up that site. Yackerz merely mentioned it to their news department and they posted an article. http://irc://irc.holonet.org/jk
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