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  1. Hi, MI1 and MI2 had MIDI/CD music. MI3's music was rippable using Scumm Revisited. What about MI4? How do I go about ripping the songs? I read somewhere the tracks were in an MP3-like format... Thanks for your help!
  2. Hiya, I'm looking for a savegame from MI2, from just before the time when you revive Rapp Scallion (basically, it's so I can record the music that plays then). Anyone have what I'm looking for? ScummVM's fine too. I tried the savegames from scummbar.com and worldofmi.com but most of them wouldn't work.... "old savegame detected"... Anyway, thanks in advance! Mike
  3. Hi all, Okay, at last the mixnmojo.com sites are starting to come back up, barring some residual DNS weirdness... However, many of them (such as The SCUMM Bar and LucasFans) use ftp.mojodownloads.com for hosting their downloads. Only problem is, that site is down, in fact, it doesn't even seem to exist! Is this another odd domain name problem, or something more serious. Does anybody know? Can anyone say when things will be working again? Thanks in advance... apeman
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