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  1. huh? US lobby? I see 1 vs 1 room, Team Room etc. Do you connect through the game for Internet play?
  2. I logged on multiplayer last night (Australian time) and there was only 9 players in the Chat room and one game going. Where is everyone? This is a reasonably good game and I thought we would have a much larger multiplayer community than this!!
  3. The good news is PG have confirmed they're making Corvettes tech 2 in patch 1.05 so fighters will be key early-game until your first station upgrade because Corellians/Tartans won't be available from the start. The other thing I'd like to see is make fighters even cheaper to encourage their use more. After 1.05 their role will be more significant. Just like in early-game Starcraft with Tier 1 Zerglings/Marines/Zealots, the fighters will duel for mines and players will have to face the choice of going early rush and produce more fighters or going to Tech 2 to bring the devestating Corellians/Tartars into play. I like the potential of this 1.05 change. On a seperate note I think Tie Scouts and Z Wings are next to useless.
  4. Hothman


    It seems EAW is one of those rare computer games that may aggravate this notorious BSOD error. "The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop" Ever notice how EAW suddenly seems to lay in-game (single player) and your machine starts to chug? Certain games seem to aggravate this. I'm 90% sure this is one. For further info, Google "NV4_Disp"
  5. In Galactic Conquest it can be frustrating to play the game as Empire (Rebel AI on hard) because you constantly feel on the back foot and its like playing wackamole because Rebels can pop up anywhere and everywhere. Indeed, I often ask myself "what is the strategy of this game when you play as Empire?" It's very hard to answer because basically the Rebellion more or less sets the agenda and you respond, especially early-game. The following observations apply (correct me if I'm wrong): * Do not overconcentrate forces as Empire. You need 3 or 4 fleets at least on large maps. * Using Bobbafett to keep Rebel heroes out of the game is critical. That way there's a lot less of those annoying Rebel raids. * Never ever ever leave a planet land garrison empty. Space yes, as its more expensive. But stormtroopers and other land forces are cheap. Make the Rebel scum bleed for their victory And when you can afford it those turret complexes are really worthwhile investing in. * Use the Emperor in combat mid to late game. At first you need the Emperor to keep those production costs down in the early part of the game when money is tight, but if you get into a strong money position, he is a valuable asset in land battles (yah a bit risky but he's fun to use and worth about 5 units!) I'm not a great player but these are my thoughts thus far.
  6. Dooku Grievous Darth Maul Lando Calrissian Princess Leia Qui-Gon Jinn oh you're gonna love this one...Jar Jar Binks!
  7. The thing about "quitters" is in this game once certain things happen it becomes patently obvious that it is pointless going on so all you are doing by remaining in the game is delaying the inevitable. Why continue when you have 3 planets and the other guy has 30...or you have 2 ships left in a nebulae and he has a massive fleet coming for you etc. It happens in all online games. Just consider "quitting" as surrendering
  8. Im looking forward to playing online soon once I thoroughly learn the game. There's a lot of depth in EAW since its really 3 games in one and for me this means it has a long life as a game especially in mutiplayer. My only concern is lag. Tried a few skirmishes in space briefly and every game was horrible, and no its not my machine or connection in all other games I play the lag is nowhere near as bad. Hopefully 1.04 will go some way towards improving this.
  9. Obviously I am listing a concern not demanding a fix. What are you talking about with 'size'? I never even mentioned the word 'size'? Someone has a size fetish
  10. Obviously I am listing a concern not demanding a fix. What are you talking about with 'size'? I never even mentioned the word 'size'? Someone has a size fetish
  11. Hi, these may be stated elsewhere and I apologise if so. I read through a lot of threads and couldnt see them. 1. Corrillion Corvette ships seem to have bad AI/pathing. I find I have to micromanage them more than any other ship. And they are very hard to see on Space maps. Can it pls be improved next patch? 2. The game lags/slows down/crashes frequently in big battles and I'm running a good system. Is there something that can be done with the code next patch to improve performance? I'd hate to think what happens in big online games... I really love this game, especially Space battles. I think they are the highlight. I'm looking forward to getting online and participating soon. Is there a large active online community?
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