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  1. This is the sort of innovative design out of Petroglyph that makes me look forward so much to further entries in the series... not only is tagging a special star destroyer as producer of 'X' unit a cool idea, it is indeed a wonderful nod to what is still the best Star Wars first-person shooter. I would think one could destroy the Arc Hammer like any other starship.
  2. I think YertyL hit the nail on the head regarding the vast number of systems in which Rebels could be hiding. That to me seemed to be the single greatest obstacle in the films to finding where the Rebels were mustering conventional forces for military operations against the Empire. To shift Rebel activity from overt to clandestine I believe would also detrimentally change the nature of the game. Instead of a galactic conquering contest we might have more politics and subterfuge... the game might feature more acquisition and loss of *influence* over systems than good old combat. I know this sounds like an indictment of the Underworld faction... I`m just saying that I like the warfare nature of what we have right now, and that adjusting things so that both the Rebels and the Underworld function more covertly might cause the game to be a lot less exciting. And possibly less fair for the Imperial side. As for detecting only a few Rebel elements on a planet, maybe. The problem there would be that at the first hint of Rebel presence an Imperial player will mass a considerable invasion force; the mechanic of concealment might only serve to eliminate some erratta from a pre-invasion screen. The Imperials will try to take the system regardless. If you completely conceal their presence from the Empire, the Empire will still certainly try to take the "neutral" planet. This aspect of the new third Underworld faction is something that has been concerning me for a time... engineering a moment where you have an out & out fight with the faction may be a tricky thing to design.
  3. HerbieZ, I wonder if you agree though that EAW would be a superb engine over which to lay the supporting military creations found in the prequels... I too have a distaste for much of the prequel material, but I admit I would love to control Grievous and some Droid armies within the context of this game. Some games scream to be made... For those who prefer KotOR (Knights Of The Old Republic) to EAW I say this - EAW is more of a real game. KotOR, as enjoyable an experience as it was, simply had you jump through an orderly series of statistical hoops to get to an end. By contrast I can play EAW.
  4. This game is getting more playtime with me than Age Of Wonders II.
  5. Lead by example! (tapping fingers, waiting for photo of Mr. Torpid...) (grin)
  6. REBEL or IMPERIAL Diplomatic Entanglements 10% - Rare Diplomacy is called for here. Deal with the circumstances as quickly as you can. (no major Hero in 'x' system may leave that system for 'x' period of time)
  7. "Fans could make better models..." Yea, and how many polygons would they use? *3000* per stormtrooper? I`ve seen professionals post their "low-poly" models to the Interlag and I have news for them... they aren`t low-poly. One of these very models clocked in at 15,000 faces! I used to tinker with Imagine 2.0 and Lightwave, and my mentor showed me what low poly really means. Try making a tank out of 200 triangles. My point is the current array of models look very good. You want DOOM 3 calibre characters? Then send me the money for the computer system I`ll need to display them. When you are making realtime A.I., physics, lighting, and other calculations concerning the activities of hundreds of sandbox entities, you can`t make each entity a Pixar masterpiece.
  8. Thats the point - if you play well enough to flood the enemy dropzone with troops, you can make further landings absurdly costly. When I`m the defender, I damn well WANT that capability. In return I fully accept that the computer player can do the same to me at my dropzone.
  9. Heh, Yes! (grin and takes a bow) Thank you. The stuff I`ve thought of is simply a continuation of the random event mechanics already in EAW. I think its a great means by which one can add a great deal of variety and flavour to any given Galactic Conquest game. Many many things are possible. I do what comes naturally.
  10. Thought I`d take a crack at recording some ideas I had for new random events in Galactic Conquest mode; there`s lots of untapped potential here. REBEL Clone War Veterans 8% - Rare Old veterans offer their services. I: x3 Z95 Fighters II: x3 Z95 Fighters, x1 Y-Wings III: x2 Z95 Fighters, x2 Y-Wings IV: x4 Z95 Fighters, x3 Y-Wings V: x8 Z95 Fighters, x3 Y-Wings Industrial Achievement 15% - Infrequent Exemplary effort in X system increases production. I: x2 of whatever is next in that system`s queue II: x3 of whatever is next in that system`s queue (the next ship produced will be in the numbers above) Assembly Efficiency 15% - Infrequent Exemplary effort in X system increases production. I: x2 of whatever fighter is next in that system`s queue I: x3 of whatever fighter is next in that system`s queue I: x4 of whatever fighter is next in that system`s queue I: x6 of whatever fighter is next in that system`s queue (the next fighter produced will be in the numbers above) Compliments Of A Friend 20% - Infrequent A friend of the Rebellion saves a Hero, carrying them to safety. Our mystery benefactor prefers to remain discreet and anonymous. I: A Major Hero who is defeated in battle or by Bounty Hunters is saved and returned immediately to play in the nearest friendly system (activates at the time of a Major Hero defeat) Volunteers From Kashykk 20% - Infrequent Wookie volunteers have vowed to return the favours we have done them against the foe. Assault this planetary system and they will be there to help us. I: x3 Wookies II: x5 Wookies (activates at the time of 'X' enemy planet invasion; single use, but persistent until used) Volunteers From Sullust 20% - Infrequent Sullust volunteers have vowed to return the favours we have done them against the foe. Assault this planetary system and they will be there to help us. I: x2 Sullustans II: x4 Sullustans (activates at the time of 'X' enemy planet invasion; single use, but persistent until used) IMPERIAL Explorer Returns 3% - Quite Rare A commander of a rimward exploratory mission returns to the fleet. Incorporate these forces into your strategy by forming a new task force and strike the enemy where he does not expect a fleet to operate from. I: x1 Acclamator Cruiser II: x1 Acclamator Cruiser, x1 Tartan Patrol Cruiser III: x1 Acclamator Cruiser, x2 Tartan Patrol Cruisers IV: x1 Victory Cruiser, x1 Acclamator Cruiser V: x2 Acclamator Cruisers, 1 Tartan Cruiser VI: x1 Victory Cruiser, x1 Acclamator Cruiser, x3 Tartan Patrol Cruisers Warfleet Returns 2% - Very Rare A fleet thought lost in a previous campaign returns to the fold, ready to make war. Strike quickly, before the enemy has a chance to discover these assets and counter-position them. I: x3 Acclamator Cruisers II: x1 Victory Cruiser, x1 Acclamator III: x3 Acclamator Cruisers, x2 Tartan Patrol Cruisers IV: x1 Victory Cruiser, x2 Acclamator Cruiser, x1 Tartan Patrol Cruiser V: x4 Acclamator Cruisers VI: x1 Victory Cruiser, x2 Acclamator Cruisers, x5 Tartan Patrol Cruisers The "Ravenous" 1% - Extremely Rare Admiral Hunter has completed his subjugation of a remote series of planetary systems. Welcome the "Ravenous" back into the fleet with an inaugural attack on an enemy strongpoint. I: x1 Imperial Star Destroyer II: x1 Super Star Destroyer Blood In The Air 10% - Rare War and murder breed a dangerous atmosphere, attracting the attentions of opportunists who may be of use to us. They claim to be capable. Make them prove it. I: x4 Bounty Hunters
  11. I am bereft of details on Rebel abilities in the expansion, but I fail to see why the trademark hordes of Y-Wings, X-Wings, A-Wings, maybe B-Wings, and a few capital ships could not take on *any* enemy mammoth ship... its all in the pop. cap. If after all I field 4 Imperial Star Destroyers in the normal EAW, I have little left for any other ships. If the enemy has an Ion Cannon, a single shot takes out 1/4 of my total firepower. It can balance. I also don`t see the Rebels fielding anything larger than a Mon Calamari Cruiser... its not their style. No movement advantage.
  12. Darth Windu, Actually, the idea of Shatner doing some malevolent (as opposed to heroic) voicework is a good one. I don`t know how serious you were about that suggestion (!), but I think its something with merit. Of course he might charge a fortune.
  13. Interesting. I just finished watching the two E3 demo videos for the expansion. I like how the new faction is adding increased significance to Bounty Hunting, and how the Underworld is going to play in a substantially different fashion from Imperials and Rebels. A question though - how do the Rebels and Imperials go about waging war against the Underworld? If I move a fleet into a system corrupted by Zann, how do I fight Zann instead of just the current custodian of that system? Or *do* I?... I am wondering if military might can free a world from Underworld corruption. . It would also be interesting to see how Tyber Zann co-exists with, for example, Han Solo and Chewbacca in the same system.
  14. Greetings, As I have expressed before, I would be thrilled to see another EAW game developed that tackles the Episode I through III era. Controlling among others General Grievous and his machine armies would be just as rewarding as Rebel and Imperial factions are now. I would like to make a note about game design however, in the hopes that future projects continue to innovate. One of the reasons why EAW is such a great product is because the developer was free to take risks and craft mechanics that did not necessarily ape anything anybody else had already done. I get the impression that nobody was concerned with following Blizzard or EA formulas. It is my sincere hope that, despite my appreciation of the current design, Petroglyph will continue to be free to propose play mechanisms that innovate, avoiding even their own "formula" that has arguably been established with EAW itself. Its a parallel to the paranoia in film - studios get nervous anytime somebody wishes to try something new, and yet it is those very new things which provide the studios with the greatest opportunities and values (Alien, The Terminator, Star Wars, etc.). Petroglyph was talented enough to craft something of the caliber of Empire At War, and I see no reason to doubt their abilities if it strikes them to play with that game system a little further. In a growing world of media megaliths turning out "product", EAW is a shining gem. Anyway, thanks again. Hope my comments serve some useful purpose.
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