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  1. Just the basics. Nothing too detailed (what would I do?:p)

  2. Sure, I'll get one to you in a couple of days.


    Also, I assume by skeleton you meant just the basic from A-B, or did you want something more detailed?

  3. Well, for starters, could you give me a sort of skeleton for me to build upon? The creativity has been sapped from my head from about a thousand writing projects this week.

  4. I believe you are doing the writing for the expanded galaxy mod?

    If you need help let me know. This month I'm strapped for time but I'll do what I can if you need help.

  5. Hi there, Kotor tool works perfectly fine except for one tiny little problem. When I attempt to go into the module editor and create a new space I can not place items. That is to say I can place the placeable in the blank module, and the register as being in the module, however when i warp to the new module the placeable are invisible. By Invisible I mean that my character can run into them, and they seem to have presence in the module, but they have no visual appearance. (Model and texture are missing?) I'm running the Best of PC version of Kotor and I have Windows Vista 32bit installed. My computer can run the game at maxed out performance levels so I know it's not a hardware problem. Anyone who can help with this, it would be most appreciated. Cheers, ~DR
  6. Ooh! Nice work mate. I've done plenty of concept art... But it's all a couple of levels above this sites rating. I need photoshop! *crys* Gimpshop is pretty awesome though. It makes Gimp way easier to use.
  7. Ok thanks guys. It's still not working and my guess is that I might have to reinstall. (Hates Vista). >_< However thanks to KSE, the kotor equivalent of the K2 whereami armband mod, and FRAPS I'm able to function without the cheats for the time being.
  8. I have the Kay mod and BOS: SR intsalled over the vanella game. whenever I try to travel from the unknown planet to the starforge the screen simply goes black and nothing else happens... I' running vista and the best of PC game edition. help?
  9. So I got the game, it plays fine, mods work great s'all good. Except the cheat feature doesn't work. I modified the .ini file as normal, but when I press the ~ Key it's a no go... Any idea why? I'm running Vista with the Best of PC version of the game.
  10. MMO's are all crap. This new MMO will be crap. You have to pay monthly for MMO's which makes them stupid money wasting crap. Single player Kotor ONLY WAY TO GO. *Glares at everyone angerly and then jumps into foxhole and prepares for incoming fire.*
  11. Truth is neither Reven nor malak used the star forge to its full potential, Reven cus he/she was smart and malak because he was dumb. The SF was an instrument of the darkside and as such most likely had abilities far surpassing the mere building of ships. the DS was constructed to blow up planets as an instrument of fear. Also the first deathstar was useless against fleets of ships due to it's inaccurate targeting laser. (planets are easy to hit.) Now if it was DS2 against starforge I might be tempted to go the way of the DS2 as it could fire pretty fast and was very accurate. Honestly though I prefer BOTH of them joining up into a super capital ship spawning super laser firing ultra weapon!!!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHH! Yup. This is my first post in freaking ages. Please make a real kotor 3 instead of this stupid mockery that is the Knights MMO. Woot. Yay!. Hoo rah.
  12. Heh, well i'll be. Like i said, no worries.

    I came up with the name ages ago and i've been using it since like 2003 or something...

    I thinks it's kinda funny that another person thought it sounded cool and created it all on their own, i love it when stuff like that happens.

    And anyways i keep my name run together so as long as you keep your's seperated it should be fine. ^_^

    Cheers, and happy modding!




    We'll have to do a joint mod one of these days 'eh?

  13. I came up the name on my own. I didn't know there was another darthriddick

  14. Well i got it fixed but thanks for the help! I've been having a good deal of trouble with my game, most of it undoubtedly related to the mods i have installed. The holowan plugin is nice an all, but it's very limiting on what else you can have in your game, and frankly there are better mods out there. I kinda wish someone would make a holowan plugin 2. To fix that dialog problem i simply deleted the script in the dialog that makes my character draw his (old) lightsaber in the flashback. For some reason the lightsaber script was corrupted..? Anyways, thanks again. Cheers!
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