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  1. Tell me about it. I only found this thread a few days ago even though I still lurked Mixnmojo from time to time so I can't imagine how the heck did I miss it. That said, the download actually works now, and those midis are nothing short of amazing, the Wii soundfont sounds even better than what Land did with Cubase and of course you can make it sound like anything. Making a Wii-music mod for Tales wouldn't be that much of waste imo, it might give you more appreciation for Land's last ever work (that I'm not a big fan of except for a number of tracks).
  2. Long ago, I made this: http://vgbasement.altervista.org/danjercovemt32.mp3 Is it ok with the music style you're going to use?
  3. Whoa hey, I love giving away free cookies!
  4. Well, actually they were doing great and about to release a demo but there were several disagreements between the artists, and due to a lack of project leading, it is now suspended until someone picks it up to coordinate the various (mostly gone) people who were working on it. And furthermore, we've been carrying this since 2005, when thinking of a fifth monkey island chapter was merely swearing, to bring the loyal fans a gift they would never forget, but now with Tales (and more upcoming it seems) there wouldn't be any more point to make this parade go on. So sorry please spread the word.
  5. I've tried the game and it's plain awesome, but I'm hoping Bobbin makes its appearence here as in Forge he should have guided Rusty through the game!
  6. We may all be right, we may all be wrong but let's face it, Ron, Dave and Tim were just having a good time messing with their fantasy pirate world we shouldn't even ask for a secret, because it wouldn't be so surprising not after you get the mood of the game.
  7. Talk about italians: http://voodoofgisland.altervista.org/
  8. Wow, eons since I first got here and I never introduced myself, that's quite a shame well I'm Robert and I live in Italy and I love Lucasanything and all, hi there!
  9. I've never played online on JK1 because my dad do not permit that. Now i got my own computer and i've seen no one playing JK1 online yet I've lost an opportunity? Btw , Msn : Robyozum_2@msn.com Yahoo : zum32000
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