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  1. GothiX has been hurt badly in a car accident, one of his friends from school is keeping us informed of all the information on Massass.net Im sure Kurgan wont mind the link being posted. http://forums.massassi.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=451529 Anakin
  2. I think we might of under estermated him. Doesnt matter now, im going to do him over with the Law.
  3. Im just rebuilding the forums at the moment, its also a good time for me to install some extras for the staff. http://www.aotctc.com/forums
  4. The reason the site has gone down was due to my the having a overload, thanks to our 'good friend' Casper who managed to mail bomb and then upload about 3 virus' to the server and there for caused it to lock out. Its all getting back to norm now.
  5. What we are trying to do, and the code we are creating seems to be supporting it, is a MP Co-op based on the film, yes looks like SP is out the window, with elements of Star Wars Battlefield thrown in to make the fun oh that much more We are just in the middle of discussing on were to go etc, so I will keep you all informed on here, but its best to keep your eyes on the fourms on our site to keep up to date.
  6. Well thing have gone a little quiet in the whole community of editing so I thought I might as well start it up again and say hello and show a few things off and ans. some questions that the people seem to be asking. First of here are a few screenshots of WIP from the staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sith-J-Cull = Corascant, Padmes Appartment AOTCTC - MP Code Current Build - Unique1 There is a lot of work going on at the moment, we are trying as hard to do as much as we can to get AOTC out before EP3 comes out, but we cant do it with out support from you guys. So pop onto the site http://www.aotctc.com come onto the forums http://www.aotctc.com/forums and have a chat have a look around then emptyness that will be filling up quickly, and ask me and the team about the mod and what we are doing.
  7. Ok for some bizzare reason we are having strange problems people picking up the site were ever they are. Now if you are such a person could you please post on here what Internet Provider you use, were you live, and anything else about your connection, ie Router, Connection speed, etc. Its kinda getting really wierd and I dont know why this is happening. Thanks
  8. no, but i will get an email from the host this week
  9. Basicly some crettin decided it would be a good idea to hack our site and delete all the stuff in the site, then spam our email boxes, then send some virus' onto the server and then get our account deleted by our server. This was the only way we could clear all the rubbish off the server. Im stuck now as I dont have a new user name and password for the site yet. I dont know what Im going to do but expect an update this weekend. Anakin
  10. Yep, just add them to the folders as you would on a WinTel machine
  11. There are a few most of them have to be re-written for the Mac, but dont worry there are quiet a lot of us that have Macs
  12. http://clonewars.aotctc.com or http://www.aotctc.com/forums
  13. Again Sora, make the post on the forums not on here.
  14. Its ok im just get some invoces in, I just screwed up the payment times
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