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  1. I hate air cruisers.I prefer to use soldiers all the time since it's not cheating air cruisers are basically cheating Even tho they seem to die fast
  2. I just hope that you can be different aliens like selkath, rodian, and weequay
  3. The Magnaguards weapon is RX-L Bulldog or something.I like it cause it has Heat seeking missles.But yeah the missle is bigger then the gun which is weird.
  4. What about the end with magento when he's playing chess? I know what he does but I better not spoil it for the ones that haven't seen it
  5. It's not out yet Once again they really need new factions and different maps even tho they are running out of planets to make new maps on
  6. I don't know if anyone said something about this but the Commando's have alot tougher enemys then the Spartans.
  7. Yeah on BF2 it gungans on naboo instead of the royal security force
  8. At the main menu theres a thing called Splitscreen choose that it leads to a menu that has 4 slots and thats multiplayers offline
  9. Some amazing pics of jango. Buffy
  10. Yeah who cares about a pic of a baby like Mace_Macleod said its looks like a normal baby not with 3 head lol pretty funny Mace
  11. Man Darrel i have a feeling your gonna be good at posting
  12. What about differnt Factions like Naboo,Wookies and gungans. Naboo would have Royal Guards Wookies would have Wookie Warriors and Gungans would have There soldiers [Captain Panaka would be a hero for Naboo]
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