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  1. Hmm, im surprised there is no official information confirming or denying a PC version, on the other hand, on several online stores i have seen a PC version listed..
  2. /Signed They also need to let Petro do the second expansion EAW is needing to finish that cliffhanger from FoC..
  3. Yeah, let the developers release the game when it is finished (and hopefully when theyve ironed out any bugs/glitches).
  4. DVD, and in relation to the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD thing - arent some companies developing players that are compatible with both of those and regular DVDs ? and some developing combined blu-ray/HD-DVD disks ?
  5. im definitely looking forwards to it, along with quite a lot of other games, although this (and some others) makes me consider getting a next gen console, but im still waiting for the prices to come down first...
  6. i would like to see it released on PC, maybe they will sometime after the initial release on consoles, give people time to update PCs, when they have got some money in from it to invest in a port
  7. its supposed to be Vaders secret apprentice, maybe we will find out that Palpatine does know about him/her, and is secretly manipulating Vader to train this apprentice, so that in time he/she will be powerful enough to replace Vader as Palpatine's apprentice
  8. unless i get a next gen console by the time its released, i will probably end up getting on PS2
  9. i would like to see more units, space, land and hero... Space: More capital ships, frigates/corvettes, fighters Land: More iinfantry units, more vehicles (like the Juggernaut) Hero: Qui-Gon, Lando, Mara Jade, Baron Fel, hero ships (space obviously) Larger battles, size, number of units, freedom, etc More planets(it is a big galaxy), campaign (for each faction), galactic conquest (pick planets, more customisation, etc)
  10. how about Lego Star Wars: Grand Admiral Thrawn... or Lego Star Wars: The Vong War...
  11. aparently there is something wrong with the xml files... so that the transport cant be built...
  12. if you have a ground unit in the pathfinder slot... when you launch a ground invasion... does that unit land first...
  13. or it could be... Republic At War...
  14. i guess that its a hero unit... but if its buildable it will be like the Executor... I think that Piett, Thrawn, Ackbar, etc should be buildable because they all come with powerful ships... its weird to get the ships free... considering that they are all military vessels...
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