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  1. i would like to see more units, space, land and hero...

    Space: More capital ships, frigates/corvettes, fighters

    Land: More iinfantry units, more vehicles (like the Juggernaut)

    Hero: Qui-Gon, Lando, Mara Jade, Baron Fel, hero ships (space obviously)

    Larger battles, size, number of units, freedom, etc

    More planets(it is a big galaxy), campaign (for each faction), galactic conquest (pick planets, more customisation, etc)

  2. i guess that its a hero unit... but if its buildable it will be like the Executor...

    I think that Piett, Thrawn, Ackbar, etc should be buildable because they all come with powerful ships... its weird to get the ships free... considering that they are all military vessels...

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