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  1. Ah, Thank you. I hadn't even realized it was there. I appreciate it. I'll repost there.
  2. Does anyone know a good place to get Episode III maps for JK2: Jedi Outcast? Looking for Mustafar, in particular.... doesn't have to be PERFECT, but close would be nice.
  3. Basically, what I am in need of (since I am very very new to the whole skin/model thing and dont' have any programs to help **not to mention very intimidated by most of the modelling walkthroughs**) Is to know if there would be someone out there willing to make a model/skin for me for my own personal character. I can send you artistic sketches of the character and color schemes and supply you with all the information you need, even a backstory if you so choose... I just need it done to truly enjoy my JK2 Experience. If you can help, please e-mail me at: dakkon2003@hotmail.com
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