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  1. I have played it it is quite difficuilt but its a chalange but beacuse you have so much force powers you can heal your self allot & use plenty of force powers to hurt them ike force push its basiccly the same a force lightning but in a diffrent form if that makes sence. Also you can statis them & just begin to cut them up. The bosses are hard though.
  2. I also dont think you ahve to sell it to Motta when you get to the lost planet I think you can alk to them about the box & they may let him free
  3. You could juts play Pontoon or if u call it blackjack or if u call it 21 its basiclly the same concept.
  4. Well i got him setenced to prison on my game but he was guilty but if you think about it how many sith has Revan killed?
  5. dont forget the kotor games are 400 eyars before the films so dont forget they ahve no clue that they will fight them agian.
  6. WHy does your Juhani look right weird witha full head of hair she looks stupid like that I take its a mod?
  7. This is what i dont understnad why do people call Revan Darth Malak because he is lord of the sith he should be Lord Revan & Bastila should be Darth Bastila. Because on the films Darth Vadar is the aprentice of Lord Palpatine or whatever his name is? & also on the game pepole dont call Malak Lord Malak its Darth Malak he used to be Darth malak when revan was Lord Revan. What do you think?
  8. Who is Brianna/Mical are they the Hnadmadien & disciples real names?
  9. Yes i think you should learn some jedi techniques & only certain power came abavilbe when you go to the dark side or light
  10. I think we should start of as a youngling & then grew up & be about level 3 when the main quest starts. But i dont want you to grew up in five minutes i want to do loads of stuff as a child & we see him/her grow infront of our eyes.
  11. I think there a set of arragont twits. I like Jolee's side of living he isnt adark nor light he does what is best for him i prefare his tkae much better. Like he can love be still be good but i dont like sith they just kill people for nothing & are evil!
  12. I liked Kotor1 robes but number 2 looked quite good what do you think?
  13. Hi i was just wondering what people think are the best 2 party members & why? I think Bastila & Carth Why Beacuse Bastila is a well balanced jedi & is very helpfull in combat & she looks good lol Carth because he is a great ranged fight who will pick off the enemys & wiill not take much damge due to bastila. Also i like them becasue they are the people you tend to love
  14. YOu can go higher than level 20 cant you I havn't played it for a while but im sure i was level 21 on Kotor1
  15. I hope they do get rid of it & just make a brand new ship a much bigger one.
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