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  1. Definetly Darth Maul, but again its who you are best with to determine who the best is.
  2. Tell me if this thread has been posted before because i dont want to have to look through 5 pages of threads for it. But what is your favorite map? Mine happens to be Coruscant.
  3. And another flaw in the AI ive noticed is when for example your on genosis The AT-TE is walking along and its being blasted from all sides by droids and im far away with my sniper rifle and i shoot itm, the gunner on top of it will turn its attention from all the guys throwin gernades and shootin at it and look straight at me and try to kill me.
  4. An At-At is slower but it will obliterate the At te if it had a chance.
  5. I have just joined so im planning on helping the cause.
  6. have you noticed When you zoom in on enemy with a snper rifle and you shoot and miss that enemy will run a few feet and stop and wait? At that point i shoot him in the head. Have you seen this?
  7. Its not whats the best its what your the best with. Example: YOur in the hanger and you see a Jedi starfighter and a bomber(V-wing). Im better with the Jedi Starfighter so i say the Jedi starfighter is the best.
  8. I got it for christmas lets see. 94 Gunslinger 35 Technician 0 Demolition 20 Marksmen 105 Regulator 904 Endurance 111 Frenzy 285 War Hero 300 Gaurdian Not to shabby. I use everyone except the rocket launcher carriers.
  9. Anyone have any answers? Just say stuff about playing online. What maps are there? Does your game data transfer over from the single player to the online mode? just about anything will be useful to me.
  10. Im gonna be goin online with Battlefront 2 on Saturday. I was wondering if all the maps that are on Instant action in Single Player are online. And any more online information would be very helpful. Thanks
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