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  1. Not to mention that it's a lot like C&C3, because there are little units shooting at other little units. They should have just stopped making RTS games after Dune 2. *Sarcasm meter explodes*
  2. Yeah, me too. There's been conspicuous silence on the topic. Even in the Petroglyph forums there hasn't been a dev posting in the EaW/FoC forum since Christmas.
  3. Over at the Petroglyph forums there's a guy (Commander Loony) who has made it so you can download a .zip file and install all the original GC maps and play them in FoC, plus two new GC maps he made himself. I'm using them and they're working fine. Highly recommended for those who want to play the old maps as well.
  4. Does anyone think there will even be a new patch? I'm just asking since I haven't seen any of the PG people in the EaW/FoC forums since before Christmas, despite the heavy activity. Have they perhaps moved on to other things?
  5. So what if it isn't canon? It's a computer game; it's supposed to be entertaining.
  6. But then again, can't the Empire just build another Death Star? And IG-88 is gone forever after he blows up the first one, correct?
  7. The sort of things you'd get in the original. "The Empire has left a planet undefended"... "Take this planet and be rewarded with X units"... that sort of thing.
  8. Are you sure you have checked the "allow random events" box in the Advanced Options?
  9. I don't have FoC yet, so I don't know. But weren't there GC maps in the original game where you didn't have all heroes available to you? Maybe it's just that Luke isn't available in that particular GC scenario.
  10. Personally, I can't see how having a GC game against two opponents is less enjoyable than a GC game vs. a single opponent. How could a 1/3 increase in game content be a bad thing?
  11. Obi-Wan is available in Galactic Conquest games because they're not strictly canon but more of a "make your own Star Wars history"-type of thing. You can, "historically" speaking, start a GC game that begins before the Battle of Yavin and stretches into the post-RotJ era, and in this reality Obi-Wan was not killed aboard the first Death Star.
  12. That's a little vague. Do you have the latest version of DirectX 9c installed?
  13. Uh-oh. Please tell me there isn't some bug that prevents you from reaching Tech 5.
  14. I don't have the expansion yet, so I don't know how Vader plays in it, but I will at least agree with you that Vader should not "be" the Executor. That should be reserved for a non-ground hero like Piett.
  15. Yeah, I'm with Boba. Stop worrying so much about realism and accept the fact that it's necessary to make a balanced game. After all, what fun would it be to play a faction whose biggest, baddest capital ship was a modified bulk freighter?
  16. I really, really hope there's a way to turn off that automatic use of special abilities once and for all. It would get old really fast, having to click them off manually for every single unit every time there was a new battle.
  17. A cloaked AT-AT sounds cool in theory, but let's face it: feeling the ground shake under you while watching giant footprints appearing in a line towards you would be a giveaway...
  18. Yep, that's how it works. Although when launching ground assaults in vanilla EaW you can also choose which unit lands first. All you have to do is zoom in on the planet with your forces in orbit, choose one unit from your ground troops and drag it down to one of the ten garrison squares on the planet. Hey presto, that unit will be standing on the reinforcement point when ground combat begins.
  19. While it would certainly have been cool to try it out, I have to admit I can live without it. There should be plenty of goodness in FoC as it is.
  20. If you look at Darth Vader, Obi-Wan or the Emperor you can see that they're all good at deflecting blaster fire of all kinds coming from the front. However, fire from any other direction, or when they're doing something else that shuts down their lightsabers (like damaging buildings with the Force) they get hit normally. The only difference between these heroes and Luke is that he will (probably) heal a little bit when he's successfully deflecting blaster bolts. And remember, when he's using his "Throw Lightsaber" ability he can't deflect any blaster bolts with it...
  21. I remember one of the devs saying that Luke came in his own X-wing and would be available in space as well. This was some time ago, though, and it's entirely possible that the dev team changed their mind and made him a ground-only hero.
  22. The transports won't show up among the attacking fleet, provided you remember to use the Pathfinder feature. If you don't stick a ship in the Pathfinder box, a balanced selection of your ships will appear as in vanilla EaW (at least it happened to me in the demo). Now, a defensive fleet, on the other hand... I think that if you're defending a planet and have ground troops in orbit when someone attacks, those transports will be there for the attacker to shoot at. Which makes perfect sense, in my opinion; no one with half a brain would send unarmed transport into a space battle if they could help it, but if you're the defender and have no way of knowing the attack is coming, then tough cookie.
  23. You're actually being a little generous with the Rebel units. The Juggernaut belongs to the Empire, while the Canderous is the Zann Consortium's heavy tank. Obviously the Zann Consortium is getting most of the new units, since they don't have any already. If you count hero units on all sides, however, you'll find that the Consortium has fewer heroes than the other factions. And so what if the three sides aren't all alike in the number and types of units? That just makes them play different from each other, which is the point of having different factions to begin with.
  24. Aah, thanks. Sounds like having a screen of Skiprays in front of your capital ships might be a viable strategy, then.
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