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  1. Just so you know this isn't really a topic for suggesting brand new features or ideas for the game or anything like that. This is for pointing out any criticisms you had of the demo or any small things that were bugging you that you might like to see fixed or changed for the final game. Personally there were two little things that bugged me a tad. 1.The controls were alright, and I understand it must be difficult to make a good control scheme for this game, but in the final game it'd be nice to have customizable controls, incase some poeple don't like the defaults. 2.Also, I don't really like how you can't move at all when you're blocking, you should at least be able to strafe while guarding. I noticed you can auto-block a little bit while your running, but most of the time you don't. In the final game could we either be able to move somewhat while blocking right off the bat? Or could we have improved auto-blocking while running and/or the ability to move while holding block gained later in the game as abilities through leveling up?
  2. Of course that's what the theory evolution is about, don't most people know about it? And adding to the mirror statement, and what I said about humans and animals being able to adapt earlier, it's very obvious and has been observed, for example in polar bears, in humans, and in probably numerous other animals. There are different races of humans, and you could consider a polar bear another race of bear, because it IS a bear, but it has white fur and has adapted to cold temperatures, it's not evolving into a flying octopus. Just like the African race of humans has dark skin and is adapted to hot temperatures. But we are still completely human, were aren't something else. If skulls of the modern man were found waaaaay back in the day, why haven't we been evolving into different creatures instead of just adapting and making little changes in that since then? Why are some animals supposed to have evolved into different creatures while others are supposed to have stayed the same? Do some animals have stable DNA, while others do not? But if we are all from a common ancestor, wouldn't our DNA have practically the same stability, or do certain animals' DNAs just stabilize and others remain or become unstable allowing them to just evolve? No, there isn't any theory of micro or macro-evolution, they're simply terms, whether they were made up by us creationists or not (check reference.com for encyclopedia entries on the words). And yes your right, we can't really argue evolution in the lab, or work, or school, or at least not all the time (http://www.expelledthemovie.com/), but scientists sure can, don't they often change the "lineage" of animals every 5 or 10 years, and haven't they constantly argued and been divided about animals and their lineages in the past constantly coming up with their own lineages? Also, how does the fossil record make our position incredible and untrue? Does it really have any transitional/intermediate forms, any creatures with half-formed feet, or half-formed wings? Can't the neanderthal man and the rickets in his jaw bone be explained by disease and calcium deficiencies? Weren't many modern-looking skulls found that were believed to be older than the neanderthal? Weren't human jaws found in deposits in Kenya in 1932 older than the jaws with rickets found in Neander? Wasn't it proven that Neanderthals walked erect? According to my book here, it says that in 1947 Neanderthal was discovered to have lived in a cave that had been previously inhabited by a modern human before him. So doesn't that mean that either the Neanderthal was a seperate creature by itself, or more likely a modern man with calcium deficiency or some disease? How come in the fossil record new groups of plants and animals appear suddenly and abruptly, and how come they seem to stay pretty much the same until they disappear altogether if/when they do? How is the cambrian explosion explained?
  3. I agree, I don't really agree with the theory of evolution (btw I'm a born-again christian) but isn't microevolution somewhat proven to be true? Obviously god gave us the ability to adapt which is great, but what I don't really agree with is macroevolution, which is mainly what the theory of evolution is supposed to be about, where one creature can easily evolve into another like monkeys to humans. According to evolution, mammals started back in dinosaurs times from the common ancestor of this mouse-like thing eventually evolving into all the different mamals today (tigers, lions, humans, whales etc.), or at least that's what the National History museum in Washington D.C. said. Anyway, there's this book I've been reading lately called Reasons Skeptics should consider Christianity by John McDowell that answers lots of questions about the bible and evolution, and theres his other book called Reasons to Believe that answers about 65 questions (not sure on the exact number) on other things about Christianity. They're pretty good.
  4. Sorry I was a jerk before, it just seemed like it was getting kinda off topic in this MAJOR debate on lightsaber dismemberment, which is alright (and the topic creator did say about it), just it'd be cool to talk about the FU saber combat too.
  5. Okay, nobody in this entire topic is talking about the lightsaber combat at all anymore, and instead everyone is pointlessly arguing about how sabers dismember, the mutilation of stormtroopers, the chemical properties of lightsabers in reality, and whether or not they should cut through buildings in real life (which they can't, because they aren't real).
  6. I was wondering how the NPC auto-dodge and push mechanic works, and I did a little experiment. I would give myself mindtrick level 4 so I could take control of NPC's, and then I'd spawn a jedi or a reborn, and an enemy sniper or an npc with a rocket launcher or grenade. I'd mindtrick the reborn/jedi and just stand there as my character would automatically push and dodge everything. Everytime a rocket came and a disruptor shot was fired he dodged and pushed by himself without me doing a thing. You can dodge some stuff yourself, sometimes you can auto-dodge disruptor shots (it's pretty random whether or not you do). I think it helps a little if you have your crosshair near the sniper and move a little around when the shot is fired. If you took away force speed from the reborn it "might" stop their dodging, since they go into force speed for a sec everytime they do it. Or it might not.
  7. After seeing the new trailer, it's cool to know that the apprentice will actually do some blocking and parrying in saber fights, or at least it definately looks like it, especially when he goes into that saberlock with Darth Vader (I mean, of course he can and will block and deflect things with his saber, but that backwards saber stance thing and the fact that we hadn't seen any saber to saber action yet made it seem kind of iffy).
  8. If he's engaging a Jedi in a toe-to-toe lightsaber duel he's just asking to get his butt kicked if it's not his style to block anything with his lightsaber. Isn't that one of the main uses of a lightsaber to a jedi/force sensitive? To use it and their force connection to block and deflect blasterfire as well as other lightsabers and to defend themselves? I'm not saying he can't dodge things instead of blocking them, but even if he was yoda, the secret apprentice probably wouldn't be able to dodge every single blaster bolts and lightsaber slash coming his way. And if he's going to be dueling any Jedi, he should be able to block/defend with his lightsaber too.
  9. Don't worry, in my post I was probably acting flippant. A better way to put it is God wasn't lonely, for he was all-powerful, meaning he didn't physically or emotionally need humans, but rather, he created us for his pleasure, and he still loves us more than one could possibly imagine, but he does not need us. God created us for the pleasure of us being able to worship him, and for the pleasure of being able to love us and have a relationship with us, and he created us with free will, so that we might have the choice that God may have a true relationship with us. Forgive me for not knowing the bible very well offhand, I am saying this over my overall knowledge I have accumulated about christianity over the years. ........................................................................................................ The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: "Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you. Jer 31.3 God chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love Eph 1.4 (Reasoning behind verses) God knew and loved you even before He created the world. God loved you then. God loves you now. (God said...) I don't want your sacrifices--I want your love; I don't want your offerings--I want you to know me. Hos 6.6, LB Some folks think "worshipping God" simply means church and hymns and fancy prayers. Not so! Jesus gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people Titus 2.14a (God said...) Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory Isa 43.7a, KJV (Jesus said...) Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Mt 5.16 Reason #6: You were created to be one of God's special people. You bear God's name for God's glory!!! "Christ" is a name of God. As a Christian you bear God's name -- CHRIST-ian. Your bear Christ's name so that people who know you will think about Christ. Since you bear Christ's name, it is God's purpose that your lifestyle will reflect His glory unto mankind. ........................................................................................................ MrWally already talked about the point of christianity, which was salvation, above. Sorry if I've been talking too aggressively about this, I'm just trying to make a solid point. Here's the site where I found some solid supporting bible verses (they are out of context, but that doesn't change their meaning) http://www.biblebell.org/anthro1.html. @TK Technically that's your answer. Your question was asked/stated like "Say this creationism did happen, still then, who/what created God?" Creationism explains the creation of the universe bible-wise. And creationism says that God was there before anything existed and before he created the universe. So going by the creationism fact that he was there before anything at all existed and that he created the universe, that is the answer to why God didn't need creation, and why he was always there.
  10. If God created time and space and therefore the universe, God himself is not bound to time and space at all. The law that says everything has a beginning and an end only exists because of time and space, and it only applies to things bound by time and space, but God created time and space, which means he is not bound to it in anyway, which completely throws any question of what created God, or whether God had a beginning out the window. For no apparent reason? The Bible states that God created us so he could have a personal relationship with us. And he didn't want a bunch of humans that acted more like robots who would automatically love him because he forced them too (he gave us free will, the choice to love and believe in him or not, and to have control over our own actions, meaning God can't force us to do certain things or think certain thoughts), but rather seeks to have a true personal relationship with us. And to MrWally, sorry if I was one of the people's posts you read before (I don't know when I made that, maybe a year ago) that came across as trying to shove my beliefs down another's throat, and sorry to anyone else who may have interacted with me on those posts, I hope I didn't come across as doing that.
  11. Yeah, the lightsaber damages should be realistic. You shouldn't be able to take down EVERYONE in one hit (it's a video-game, and that might make it too easy, or even too hard, especially if other Jedi can take you down in 1 hit just by nipping you with their saber), but maybe say 1-3 slashes depending on where you hit and how solid a slice it was. And of course they could make enemies that have cortosis or lightsaber resistant armor that could be allowed to take more hits.
  12. Well...try using your force powers in creative ways. If your playing with a mouse, bind your best powers to keys that your fingers can reach without having to pause from fighting them. I use the arrow keys, and I binded/bound (not sure how one would say that) force push and pull to the Number pad on the right side of the keyboard, which my left hand can easily reach (for me, I don't mind having to reach over to cast protect and absorb, as long as my enemy isn't in my face). I used to frown upon using force powers, thinking it was kind of cheap, but when I was saying this I was playing in the mp map Imperial Control room just spawning reborn and stuff. After playing MB2 some, and playing the new duel_vjun map for it based off your SP duel with Rosh, and I looked out the windows of the map, seeing how high up you were in the throne room, and thought it looked cool. Especially since I seemed to remember the windows of that room being blacked out in SP. I had to go back and see for myself, and I loaded up vjun3, and fought ym way through it. I died several times, not having the killer instinct to unleash my force power, thinking it was *gasp* cheap. I had forgotten how ingeniously Raven designed their levels, and how map-placed NPCs were so much tougher than spawned ones, having waypoints that actually allow them to move, and scripts to give them twice as complex behavioral patterns. So Force powers are good and fair (except I think level 3 buff powers like speed, protect, and rage are too easily used to defeat bosses), and actually I'll admit I play with unlimited force power, and G_sabermorerealistic 1 on, which makes certain enemies easier to defeat, hence my saber having a 90% chance to kill them in one quick swipe, or one clean critical hit if a saberist. I never got around to taking off the force, maybe I will tonight. Anyways, if you want to speculate or borrow from my knowledge of the SP sabering system itself, this is your topic, I'd be happy to discuss pure Saber SP fighting techniques (except for hit and run tactics, we all know how to do that). I've found out a little bit more about the SP saber system since I last posted. Even though I knew this a while ago, in SP, Duals and Staff possess more raw power than single saber does. And strong style doesn't count, that didn't even exist in the movies, Vader used more of a desann style, with the exception he sometimes wielded his saber two-handed. If you run up to a reborn with a staff, you will easily overpower him (except if it's a reborn master, but they have huge sabers and parry bonuses), if he's in anything but strong style, and even if he is in strong style, you will easily break his guard and stagger *cough* "stab" *cough* him. Kind of the same thing for duals. However, as the player, you can further exploit single sabers versatality, it has the best special attacks, and it has a kata that you can perform while moving, plus you can either have MAX offense with strong, if you can hit with it, and a absoluely seamless balster bolt defense with fast style (Duals and Staff are almost as seamless, but not quite as good). And if you and your opponet are both wielding single, and you are both using either fast style or medium style, align your style with your opponets, medium style can block medium style exceptionally, while fast can block fast exceptionally (fast can block anything well). When you are both in the same stance, you will find yourselves parrying and staggering eachother a lot. When fighting Reborn_new, they tend to parry you a lot, seeing as they are the only saberists in the game with level 3 saber attributes. You actually parry them about the same amount, but it always seems as though they parry/stagger you more. The reborn masters are also tough in this fashion, but they don't stop at blocking well, they're more devilish than that. Reborn masters, no matter what stance they're in, will imediately start auto-combing you using fast style swipes (they can do this no matter what kind of saber they wield) once you get in close, and if you lose yourself open a lot, eventually they'll get a hit, and sometimes, being slashed staggers you, and if your staggering and can't move by the time they do they're second auto-slice, your done for, that is if the first slice didn't get you. I don't encourage hit and run play too much, you don't always have to take the pressure off your opponets, it's very fun to try and go toe-to-toe with tougher enemies and even bosses. Also some tips for using Force Push on enemies that are well-adapted to resisting it. Push them while they or in the air, on reborn_new, it may knock them down, any tougher and they will only fly backwards, but it still works. Sometimes you can knock down reborn with push, while 60% of the time they resist it with ease. Try to gauge moments when the reborn are doing certain maneuvers that in real life would make them easily pushed over while doing so. Sometimes when they're running at you you can push them over, or when they're doing a swing. They can still resist during those actions, but you eventually can develop an instinct for when they're open for knockdown via force power. It also helps to have your crosshair on them while while pushing. EDIT:If anyone wants to discuss anything, please do it in my "Tips for dueling tough NPCs" thread.
  13. What I'd like to see in Lego Star Wars:The Complete Saga is: 1.Attacking AI for allies, in other words have it so your ally NPCs can attack 2.Some sort of duel or battle mode where you can fight a character of your choosing or fight a friend in a 1 on 1 duel 3.More damaging lightsabers (in the games lightsabers do no more damage than the blasters) 4.Punches and kicks for Jedi (each Jedi/Sith could have a melee attack at the end of one of his power combos, like how Luke can do a kick on one of his power combos) 5.Faster Framerates 6.Less restricted customization of characters (when you want to give them hair, you can only give pink hair, can't give them jetpacks or thermal detonators or Boba's gun, why couldn't we have Darth Vaders chest piece, or make our character use Sidious's lightning) 7.Everything currently planned for the game.
  14. I see what your saying, and I understand your thinking. Bible verses can be easily mis-interpreted, I might read one, then read what it's suppose to mean, and find I was completely off by my understanding of it. I'd assume it could be somewhat of a puzzle to interpret exactly what a bible verse means, or what anything means really. People can mis-interpret things, it's been done before with other stuff. And people can cherry-pick words and twist them, stretch them, or say it as it is while making it seem different then it is, or plainly lie about them, and then the truth itself, almost dissappears, because any way of finding it out, dissappears. My point is, whatever is being cherry-picked from the Bible, it could be interpreting it wrong, stretching it, twisting it, lieing about it, thinking he interpreted it right, or telling the absolute pure un-tainted non-mis-interpreted truth about it. If you don't believe in God, I'm not trying to change your point of view on that, but I'm just trying to make a point that possible Christian Extremists aren't neccassarily doing what the bible says, they could be doing exactly what it says, but that seems a bit unlikely. And you can quote what something says out of context too (I don't have to explain this one)
  15. I am a Christian, and I completely and utterly agree with this statement. In Christianity at least, taking religion to an extreme and becoming warriors and getting militant is exactly the opposite of what your suppose to do. Here's a bible verse to back that up "And forgive thy people that have sinned against thee, and all their transgressions wherein they have transgressed against thee, and give them compassion before them who carried them captive, that they may have compassion on them" And there was another good one in the bible Jesus is preaching and talking about being so kind as when someone slaps you to turn the other cheek and even let them slap you again or something like that. Well anyway, my point is, religion (or Christianity) isn't suppose to be taken to the extreme. It's supposed to be quite the opposite.
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