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  1. So I bought BFII (PC) the other day. At first there were more online games than I could look through, now there are 2-4 TOPS. This may have nothing to do with it, but I registered with gamespy and that was when all the games disappeared. And yes, search all regions is checked. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE GAMES? Surely, this game is not so old that no one still plays. There were hundreds of players a few days ago... at this moment, I'm showing only two games. Thnx 4 any help
  2. Name on site: Whew!bacca Name in game: varies, mostly Whew!bacca. Platform: PC Positions: Well rounded player. Mostly interested in tactical support / free safety - however you want to look at it. ADDITIONAL INFO: I'm really looking for a clan run by someone over 25, with plenty of members with a good gaming attitude (that is reflected at all times). Admittedly just bought BF2 and am still getting used to the changes, but am a veteran of non-clan BF1 play. Looking for intelligent tactical planning and patient, disciplined implementation. Mostly want to have smart fun without dealing with a bunch of hoo-hah. The time that I can dedicate to this is almost limitless and I have a completely flexible schedule. I AM THE RECRUIT YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR. Contact Info: Here or KliffKliff14@yahoo.com put "BATTLEFRONT CLAN" or something similar in subject line to avoid getting lost in spam.
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