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  1. grey Jedi, if it's available. Failing that, Sith
  2. fascinating...

  3. The incompetence on the part of officials appointed by a President ultimately reflects back upon the man who made the appointments. Obama is as responsible for this as Bush was for the screwups surrounding 9/11 and Katrina, that is to say "yes, and no." Although neither Bush nor Obama could've forseen the exact circumstances, their appointees reacted in ways that did not reflect well upon the men who put them in office. The blame should be cast on the mid-level bureaucrats mostly, but it mustn't be forgotten that somebody put them in office.
  4. just set up the cpu- and gpu- based folding applications on my desktop. The only issue that I've run into is that the display function on the gpu app always locks up my machine.
  5. A thought on the subject: If the auto industry oligopoly is broken, we might actually see some real innovation instead of largely aesthetic changes every few years. Of course, bringing real competition into the auto industry is probably not the sort of change that the Obama administration would like to occur on its watch...
  6. I suspect naming will be limited to letters only, with no name-sharing with lore characters. I just hope that the leveling experience isn't soul-crushing like WoW's. Of course, endgame is my favorite part of WoW, so naturally I hope that there is a decent amount of max-level content. Of course, given the choice between the two I would prefer a good leveling game, which Bioware has shown itself more than capable of delivering.
  7. Truth be known, all modern sci-fi armor is to some extent based on the original Stormtrooper armor, so the similarities don't bother me too much. However, I think that they may be straying just a bit too far from KotOR 1 and 2, which had a great ambiance, partially because of its unity of design, and I was hoping they would continue that in TOR. Edited for iPhone stupidity.
  8. Count me in. My only MMO experience is being the GM of <Tenth Legion>, a WoW guild on The Forgotten Coast.
  9. Yes, definitely. I'll probably be tired of WoW by then, and will need a new MMO.
  10. Maybe Bron D'Elwynn, that's my character name in my current playthrough of KotOR.
  11. That would be awesome, but it may be hard to implement. Again, it depends on how much they emphasize space combat.
  12. Nah, the peace treaty makes perfect sense. As long as this Sith emperor keeps an external threat present, internal strife is much less likely to emerge. It also gives the Sith time to "digest" their conquered worlds and set up the mechanisms that perpetuate their rule. After all, it would do the Empire little good if it were to, by treaty, take the entire galaxy when half of it was unconquered in the first place and thus likely to rebel before all the systems could be brought in line.
  13. It'd be a pretty cool feature, but I think devising and implementing a voice to type program would be more trouble than its worth. I'd rather have more content and fewer bugs than a groundbreaking but ultimately pointless control interface.
  14. QFE I was hoping for an art style that was pretty much identical to KotOR and TSL; it's as much a part of the franchise as the "cartoony" appearence is a part of the Warcraft universe.
  15. That's hilarious. I am an advocate of ridiculously named celebrities, as it simply makes it even more difficult to take them seriously.
  16. I also like ships and instanced apartments, maybe with guild-run fleets, assuming that space combat is an integral part of this game. While I love the idea of player built and run cities, I don't know whether this would be implementable.
  17. I'd like to see the "classic" species--Rodians, Twi-Leks, etc, each with their own racial abilities/handicaps/stat sheets and also maybe a few non-traditional species, like Sith(I know it's a stretch) or maybe Catharr.
  18. I'm playing WoW and Hearts of Iron II(still). I've been holding out for the next Old Republic game for about as long as I can remember.
  19. My gaming money is going toward WoW cards until TOR comes out. I might rent this, if I get a rental card somewhere or something.
  20. b or c are the only ways to actually be able to build and sustain enough infrastructure and bandwidth for a huge "proper" MMO, if you ask me. I like the idea of a lifetime fee, but ultimately it would either be ridiculously cheap or ridiculously expensive, depending on how long a period the game is maintained.
  21. IMO you really can't compare the two in terms of gameplay or story progression. At least the franchise as a whole continues, and we get a delicious MMO to occupy our time until the next proper KotOR game comes.
  22. Well, if we go along with Darth Revan's theory that the true battles were fought between the Jedi and/or Jedi Hunters of each faction, and that the larger conflicts hinged on these battles, one could easily justify this in PvP terms, as the classes would be designed and balanced around fighting/disabling enemy jedi, therefore making regular soldiers little more than cannonfodder to the extremely skilled/powerful player characters.
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