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  1. I thought it was my graphic card playing up (when no laser appears to fire at planet), but i guess i am wrong. I also have another problem with the Death Star 2....after using the blowing up ships/stations button (approx 10 times) it became un usuable !!??!! Anybody else have this problem?
  2. I heard rumour there is a tech 5 bug for the Rebels. If so i hope Petro can release a patch asap.
  3. I would of liked it if Piett had the Executor, but if Vader was in a battle with the Executor, Vader would also be in it with Piett, but had the ability to launch his Tie Advanced at any time. If Vader wasn't in a battle with Piett he would be in his Tie Advanced. What i a trying to say is that the Executor could still be used as Vader's ship, but Vader could also do his own thing and leave it behind with Piett. In the films, Vader has a habit of this.
  4. I am having a few problems with Galactic conquest at the moment, could people help me: 1. Is there a way to play only a 1v1 Galactic conquest game? 2. How do you get to tech 5 with the Rebels? ( can't seem to get MC 30, Luke or that Field Commander guy) thanks
  5. The expanison is great in my oppinon. I havn't played Campaign yet but played many hours of Galactic Conquest. The new units for the rebels and imperials are great. I like the re-scale of Home One, and oh...the Executor .
  6. The Executor is white in your game Doomgiver because you have the shader on low, crank it up a bit, and it should appear normal.
  7. BF2 was a dissapointment in my oppinion. I really liked BF 1, so was expecting alot out of BF 2, but all i found in BF2 were a few extra maps and characters, with no real gameplay improvements (only space battles, but they were poor anyway). If BF2 was PC only, it might as well of been an expansion not a sequel.
  8. Its campaign only. Not available in skirmish or Galactic Conquest. I know...kinda sucks!
  9. I gotta wait till the 27th which kinda sucks. If you like Warhammer RustLord get Company of Heros, its the best Relic strategy game to date, absolutly awesome.
  10. thanks. Is it just me or is this like the first expansion i have seen that has had a better score than the core game
  11. IGN were certainly quick on this one link: http://pc.ign.com/articles/741/741514p1.html
  12. IGN gave Empire at War somethnig silly like 7.8. I sure hope this is in the mid to high 8's or even 9's . As it however fixes the negative points of EAW. *Crosses Fingers* What do you all reckon?
  13. I've been waiting for a while now for the official website to FOC and still there is none. Any news on when it will be up?
  14. Nice movies there. They are also on gamespot aswell
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