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  1. Hey all, First off I have already done the Imperial campaign and I found it easy. I am good at RTS and I plan battles well, but I think maybe I did too well right now in the Rebellion campaign. I expected the campaing to be harder, but I am only playing on medium so I did not expect this. Right after beginning the game and the campaign advises you to take over other planets I went and blitzed Kuat and Mon Calamari and took them, though it was pretty damn hard. What now confuses me is that the Empire seems to be on overdrive. Every planet I attack now has about 5 Victory Class Star Destroyers or around 10 Bombard Cruisers with a couple of Acclamators and every once in a while an Imperial Class Cruiser rears its head and all Space Stations are usually level 3 with shield generators and trubolasers on every planet. What also confuses me is that tech level 4 is available, and I expected this to come in later. The problem is that I can take out these fleets but at such losses that with my limited planets at hand, it'll take me days to make them back as I am only making around 3000 a day. I am on the mission to escort Capatain Antilles to the planet on the other side of the map and the Empire went crazy and in only about 2 days took over every planet betwwen Kashyyk and Fondor. Even when I do win the space battles and the land battles, the Empire will immediately send in another fleet of the same size I have mentioned. What I am curious about is anyone else has encountered this problem or if there is a later mission in the game to capture Kuat or Mon Calamari and my capture of these planets has triggered the game into settings and tactics designed for a more advanced time period of the game, because as I am now I don't see how I can win.
  2. I had the same problem. I am guessing that you started this game before the patch, then updated to the patch, and tired to invade after updating. I think it's the patch, but if you did this series of actions there's nothing you can do to fix it sadly. I found if I started a new game and got back to the point of this mission it will work fine. It sucks to have to redo everything, but it's the only thing I found that worked. Gotta love the lack of beta-testing on these patches.
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