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  1. How did you get the Linux build to compile correctly grievous_X_X?
  2. The makefile is out of date I think... It doesn't have all the C files to be converted in the list on the makefile.
  3. One thing I think OJP wants to stay away from is abusive admins, kick/ban should be all you need if players fail to respond...
  4. Ya, I agree Max, I just hope that if we push for more RP stuff then we will hopefully attract people that desire FFA and TFFA. I am worried too that OJP might just become a strict RP mod and other players look down on it. I hope that those people on the RP servers may give TFFA a good shot. And bring there non-RP friends along. If a mod can help sustain everyones aspects of what a good mod/game should be then we should do it. I am hoping for an OJP that will bring RPers, and Organized Team Assault Players together. I would hate for OJP to only be a mod for RPers only...
  5. Even though I am completely against his views on God, he was a good comedian, and enlightened me in faith and in thinking. He always had a good sarcastic and sour way to present the notion that God can not exist, and for that I remember him, he was a good guy trying to search for the answers like every other person on this planet, but then he did it with what I think was a good since of humor, even if it was considered blasphemy. Maybe God has a special place for him, if God does exist. RIP if possible. Good luck Carlin with God if he is up there.
  6. The whole idea that I was presenting was to add emotes that were already in game just need a command for them, I guess what I am trying to say is emotes that use an exciting animation. I am not sure how hard it be for Die, but I think he had emotes at one point... Anyways the Idea was to try and please the RPers first in order to gain a foundation of gamers. I just wanna keep the RPers happy with the Mod and know that they are being looked after. However I do agree that I want balance/bug fixes the most. But I think if we can pull a nice somewhat quicky feature for them they would be more satisfied and play more. I dont know... I want the whole general OJP Population to grow. I mean... my logic is whats a mod if you don't have people to play it, I want people to play and experience OJP.
  7. So we got 1.2 out yeah! But I notice that OJP is predominantly filled with RP. I have no problems with OJP having RPers on it. In fact I approve that OJP should have more RPers, It is a stepping stone for what really matters, Team FFA and Siege. So I say that we should use the mass amounts of Role Players as a foundation. We have to try to feed the RPers with stuff such as more emotes, and maybe add Chat Channels. Just adding 2 simple thoughts that may increase the RP population of OJP, which most likely increase the over all population of OJP and give us more TFFAers in the possess and make OJP a good all around mod for every type of JKA player. I am not saying add abuse admin commands, just stuff that makes RPers like OJP more, without turn offs to TFFAers. Discuss whether its a good idea to attract RPers or not. And whether we should feed them some new stuff for 1.3.
  8. How about a pistol with little to no mishap rather then a one that is like the old one with heavy mishap? What was the name of Jangos pistols? Would that be suitable for a low mishap pistol?
  9. I know what you mean, I play 2142 and it sucks to have 2 seconds left till respawn and this noob resurrects you right in front of a tank only for you to die again... So maybe there can be an Accept and Decline button.
  10. What if... You made Team Heal named to Force Valor and that recovers HP DP FP and Mishap, and then the Dark Side gets Force Resurrect. It be a cool imitation to Darth Plagueis in which you can bring back the dead to life.
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