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  1. Shrug. Not much to moderate here, it's up to you if you feel like taking it off.
  2. ...because I can't get anything done. I'm struggling with some motivational problems (it's kind of like depression, but not) in my life, and I'm finding it really difficult to work on hobbies, even do required work for school and such. I'm trying a few things to work it out, but if I can't, I'll probably have to go to a doctor of some sort... So I can't really do much more on the web site, or any coding right now. It really doesn't help that I've sort of lost interest in JA overall. Anyways, go find another web master, but I just ask that you keep my general layout and design (at least for a little while), even if it means remaking it, because I put a lot of work into it, I don't wanna feel like it was wasted, because I probably should have been doing more important things during those times. Sorry I can't help more, but just thinking about having another project makes it more difficult to plan things out. It's like I feel I have to do this one thing before doing something else, or something like that. It's just really difficult... Maybe I'll come back and help later, but right now, I have more important things to worry about.
  3. Have you ever played many games in JO with RGB sabers? Trust me, you need it, people don't know how to do it themselves.
  4. Yeah, but people are stupid. Also, people go in there to get different shades of teal, and other colors, and they crank them up because they're clueless.
  5. You should include a wide variety of presets, including various shades of each color. People are stupid, and if not given presets, will turn them all the way up, making them horribly bright and ugly.
  6. Emon

    LAN Ohio

    Does anyone else from the Cleveland area go to LAN Ohio? I'm going next Saturday on the 13th, Jedi Academy is one of the events.
  7. We're confused about how you were coding before the game came out.
  8. That's because JA is intelligent and only uses the colors that it needs. Every screenshot I've seen with printscreen has been crap. Just use the silent TGA, or JPEG, even, it'll save it with the highest quality possible, which is lossless at 100x zoom.
  9. Uh, dude, printscreen will be no better. Infact, it'll probably be a lot, lot worse in quality. The reason you get differences in brightness is because the gamma settings are with hardware. Either find a program that can capture screenshots at that level, or just adjust it in a paint program.
  10. Yes, because you know my schedule.
  11. http://ojp.jediknight.net All we need is a simple database system and we could add them through a web page within seconds.
  12. I'm not sure the vehicle pack is a good idea anymore. I originally thought it was, but now I'm not sure. The original idea was to make a pack for mappers to use in their levels. Only trouble is that people would have to download (what would be come) a gigantic vehicle pack to play it, as opposed to just downloading a small PK3 that has a few vehicles in it. It only seems practical if every mapper's going to have tons of vehicles in their levels, which isn't going to happen. Most people will probably add just a few, and we'd be forcing people to download some large pack just to play it. A counter argument is, "But if you have a lot of levels with vehicles, the extra space adds up!" And I really disagree. How many levels are going to have new vehicles? There are barely any JA levels as it is! Making a large pack is going to take a lot more space than just a few scattered throughout PK3s, and adds yet another hassle for the end users. Servers also have to get it, too. Servers as it is don't often run custom maps, making them install something else is only going to be discouraging. I suggest that instead, we maintain a database on our site of vehicles. Descriptions, download mirrors, maybe even videos, if someone wants to make them. Seeing as how OJP is largely for developers, this make a lot of sense.
  13. That's still not accurate. What if a great mod gets two nines, and one zero, because someone thought it was funny to vote a zero?
  14. It doesn't, because it's supposed to be a short project, and we're supposed to recognize the lack of explination as one of the shortcomings of such polls. Thanks to all who have answered, it helps a lot. And if you really feel like the RIAA would monitor these forums, or if a moderator would ban you for saying, "Hey, I download music!", then don't answer.
  15. This is a simple survey I wrote up for a polling project in my government class. I'd really appricate it if you could take a few moments and post your answers; I am stuck doing all the work in my group (again), so I'm trying to get more done via internet because it's faster and easier. Oh, and please, no debating. Take that elsewhere, or at least wait until I have enough answers. (Oh, if you don't fileshare ever, skip ahead to the moral stuff and leave the above blank.) Thanks.
  16. Kurgan, I said usually. I can't understand why people always miss key words like that.
  17. By the way, remember that most of those Q3 documents were written around 1999, or based off information from around 1999. So sv_fps 40 isn't going to kill a JA game like it would a Q3 game. Hardware has changed a lot in the past four years; the lowest end systems of JA users were some of the best in 1999. Heh, it's like old mapping tutorials that tell you not to take the r_speeds tris count over 10-15K, when an average machine could easily do 30K or more in MP now.
  18. Part of Brian's todo list is self-uploading forms.
  19. Sounds like he modified the saber text files, maybe he cut back on the number of blades, but the other blade was still being used for hit detection? Modified models or textures are definitely not possible in your situation.
  20. Sending smaller, more frequent packets can take more processing for routers and other devices, but kind of increases reliability, because a lost packet (which occurs often with UDP, like JA uses), but that difference is probably neglibable.
  21. ...Do you people ever stop to think the problem might be on your end? Software doesn't usually get an extremely huge user base consisting of thousands of thousands by being a "hunk o' trash".
  22. Who cares if they aren't up to par with JA's? Don't let the high quality intimidate you. Mods for many other games have sub-par animations, and they're fine.
  23. Making animations is overrated. It's not nearly as hard as you think. The attitude of, "Ooh, animations, too hard, screw it" (along with many other things) is why people fail.
  24. Pardon me for realizing the obvious, but you people have to realize, there is more than person running a website. You shouldn't go "omg this site sux" because the level posters didn't get around to it. Razorace, your "screw them all" attitude isn't going to help us. Massassi's former owner is revamping the site, including a self-submission setup for files. The fact is, not many people want to sit around and upload other people's files all day, so things do get missed. You should try to be a little more understanding.
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