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  1. ...why only a little? You're making it sound like you want people to be able to split their staff into two sabers without much of a sacrifice, which renders choosing the dual sabers almost entirely pointless. Being able to switch between a staff and dual sabers with the press of a button would be such a tremendous advantage. You need to make sure that if a player wants that, they're going to be severely lacking in other departments, otherwise it'll render picking just the dual sabers or staff useless, hell, even render the single saber useless at that point.
  2. That was then, this is now. A lot of people hate RPG and admin mods now. Besides, it's just not worth the risk. I'd be all for a true, full blown RPG mod, one that doesn't interfere with regular games (JK had one, it was pretty slick, with a new level), but mixing RPG bloat into an FPS is just asking for trouble somewhere along the line.
  3. Not my style, but certantly not ugly. I just wish...they had...buttons.
  4. ...Are you aware of the volume of people that hate RPG playing? We'd get no support from the community if we put it in. It's an FPS, we shouldn't be adding RPG aspects to the game. It's really going to mess everything up. People are going to abuse it anyway. If you can sit, people will start sitting and chatting, and then they'll get mad if someone kills them, and then those people will get mad at them for RPG playing, and then they'll stop playing the mod, and if every mod starts to have it because they're based off OJP, they'll stop playing JA entirely. That's exactly what happened in JO.
  5. You'd have to make it worth a lot of Force points to use another saber, enough to severely cripple the rest of your Force powers. Like in JK, Force Protect and Deadly Sight required you to sacrifice all neutral Force powers like Jump, Speed, Seeing, and Pull. Alright, the mana drain on retreiving the saber sounds cool. It gives you a window of vulnerability that's long enough to get some cool melee fights in.
  6. No, the engine doesn't make a game scary, realistic, or atmospheric. It only allows it. It's still up to the artists and designers to make it happen.
  7. Yeah, I should be able to do that just with menu modifications.
  8. Thanks for saying "Windows users", not "PC users". Some "Macboys" have some strange impression that PCs only run Windows, and PC users only run Windows... Aspyr might do a Mac port, eventually, but as said, for now you'll have to stick with emulation. I'm not sure if you can run WineX on OS X, but it's worth a try. Otherwise you'd have to use Linux. Oh, and I wouldn't go believing that Macs are always better for video editing, especially if you read it on apple.com... It used to be true, but isn't always anymore.
  9. You don't get it, do you? First of all, most admins don't monitor their servers that often. If people abuse them, and get kicked, they'll just come back later. You can ban, but most people don't even know it exists or know how to use it. Hell, it has nothing to do with that at all. You're acting as if all the RPG crap is on the player side, and admins are against it. That's so wrong. If we added emotes, there are going to be servers that ALLOW it and are DEDICATED to it. RPGing is one of the things that lead to the downfall of JO, in my opinion, because idiots just sat around, chatted, etc. And that pisses off the people that actually want to play the game, so then they leave. Just look around on the JA discussion. Mostly everyone will go raging on about how RPG sucks. There's no way we're adding something that might help in "RPGing" on servers. New taunts aren't the same, those are fine, and they don't mess up gameplay. Taunts are in UT, and no one has a problem with those. But anything like sitting is not getting in this mod. Ever.
  10. 1. Splitting the staff at will is a very, very bad idea. It's something Raven contemplated, and realized it would render using two sabers entirely useless. You should be able to get it destroyed, and have a POSSIBILITY of splitting it in two WORKING parts, and a possibility of one side getting totally destroyed. For one time use of course. Infact... it would be cool if any saber could get destroyed. 2. Force pull to get your saber is...not a good idea I think. It seems like a poor attempt to make the game more "skill based". Also, level three saber throw has a range of WAY more than level three pull, so you'd have to make some major changes, for something that's not really necessary in my opinion.
  11. Actually, it could be programmed in with the existing system, I can think of a few ways. You could do dynamic lightmaps, which would be, uh, really ****ing stupid, because it would be too slow for any machine in probably the next ten years. It could also be possible to use the Z-buffer shadow technique they used on the models and objects, and apply it to the world. Only it would look bad and would run really slow, and from the looks of it, that code doesn't do multiple shadows, so yeah, it would be ugly.
  12. You could add Jedi Master support to all existing maps, all you need to know is where to spawn the saber entity. So write a command that dumps player position to a file, or prints it in the console (so you can dump it yourself), then use that as the position to make the saber entity. Make like a ffa_whatever.jm or something and store it in there.
  13. Because people abuse them. You get idiots who use sit in the middle of the battlefield and try to chat with their friends. Emotes geared towards "RPGing" need to be strictly prohibited.
  14. Heh, sorry. I now remember getting the PM, but Firebird's popup blocker didn't let the window open all the way (so I have to do it myself after the notice), and then I forget, heh. I'm going to rework the navigation bar tomorrow, a lot of the items are outdated, and probably add a news script.
  15. Yeah, it's supposed to be patched. If there's a patch.
  16. No. Absolutely no new admins commands like freeze, mute, whatever. No way. Ever. Sorry, but just no. They will get abused, even if only a little. A lot of people blame admin mods for the downfall of JO, we're not about to reintroduce it into what we want to be the standard mod, people will think we are crazy.
  17. Whoa, some of that doesn't belong in basic. Basic shouldn't change gameplay other than balance stuff, enhanced is for anything else. Grappling hook, I think, should never be there. In any distribution. It's fun to fool around with, but you could never play with it seriously, unless you added rope physics... And, for the love of god, no more emotes in FFA other than a few taunts... please! Adding new stances I think should be enhanced, but that's debatble.
  18. I don't know of it's condition now, after patches and expansions, but I hated the plane controls when I first played it. There wasn't any throttle, it was either full power, or nothing. To fly somewhere in the middle, I had to tap the button at different rates, which was really lame.
  19. Programmed into HL2? Haha, no way, not unless they open source the engine, which is never going to happen. And Havok 2 is Havok with a few constraints and a little added here or there, it's basically the same (although I am curious to see if Ion Storm has made any shocking significant improvements in Havok for DX2/T3, they did a lot more with Unreal than a lot of people thought they would). And, yeah, Tenebrae 2 rivals Doom III in most areas except speed, and it doesn't have Carmack's miracle fix to stencil shadow self shading (the "bug" people like to talk about in the JO/JA shadows, it's not actually a bug, it's functioning perfectly, which makes it hard to "fix"). Although, I think Tenebrae 2 uses static bumpmapping (I know it CAN at the very least). MMP, I could go on about how I can't stand HL2 fanboy drooling over the Source engine, too. Some of the newer Doom III screenshots don't look nearly as fake as the older ones, it's really been cut back. The E3 2003 trailer also shows some better stuff. You should also open your eyes and look around you. Almost everything is shiney and reflective to some degree. I'll admit some of the designers for Doom III overuse it, but I think a lof of people's calling it too shiney is the fact that almost every game until now has been totally NOT shiney. It's also the game itself. It's sci-fi, but not the grundgy kind of sci-fi you often see in Star Wars, it's all clean and polished stuff on a Mars base or whatever. System Shock 2 looks just the same way, except without the bumpmapping. Metal based environments are going to be shiney. They're METAL. I mean, gee, notice how the natural areas in JA, or the more rocky type areas like Tatooine or Ord Mantell generally look a lot more realistic than an Imperial base? Generally, fake things look fake, because they ARE fake.
  20. Yeah, the animations can be made in Maya, but it can still have automatic lip synch.
  21. 1. No, it doesn't, BSP is obsolete. At least the way it's done in Quake. Doom III is all new in that department. There's very little precompiling, if any (I can only think of a stage to break up brushes, which may not be needed). Doom III has mapper placed portals instead of the old cluster, leaf node and portal stuff generated at the compile time. 2. A common myth, Half-Life was actually built off the original Quake engine, but had some of the aspects Quake II had. 3. Right, each Quake is built off the previous (but don't let that make you think Quake II is just a "modded" Quake and Quake III is just a "modded" Quake II, because that's quite off). I read somewhere that Doom III started as the Quake III engine, only so it would be easier to code in individual aspects, e.g. replace the renderer, and still have the other code in place to make it easier to test. I have no idea how true this is. And, don't think it's built off Quake III just because of the console commands, that's stupid. The console is so similar because, well, the Quake console just kicks ass, and so do the naming schemes for cvars and commands. 4. Uh, yeah, HL2 runs off Valve's Source engine, which uses the Havok physics engine, developed by Havok. Deus Ex: Invisible War and Thief III use the Unreal engine (there's only one Unreal engine, by the way, just various incarnations), and also use the Havok physics engine, along with a plethora of other games out there. 5. No, buddy, not many engines use BSP as you think. Nothing Unreal doesn't, nothing pre-Quake does, and a lot of engines use proprietary stuff, which I don't know much about, and also some octree stuff. 6. Yeah, you should bring facts to the table.
  22. Technically, Doom and even Wolfenstein 3D have all three dimensions, but don't allow for the same degrees of freedom that Quake does. Infact, few first person shooters do 6DOF, only flight sims and stuff. I'd go with Doom III, because it's most likely to be the best looking, highest performance, reliable and flexible engine in the long run. I don't know many details of the X-Ray engine that STALKER uses, other than it looks cool, and claims to have a physics engine better than Havok (HL2, DX2, MP2, many more), which I believe to be true, because the pre-alpha videos looked nearly as good as the full blown Havok. Also, HL2's Source engine isn't really as great as it seems. It's basically the HL engine (which was built off Quake I), with some new graphics code and new physics. It still uses BSP for maps!
  23. You don't need to set any offsets, you can adjust hover height in the vehicle file.
  24. I wanted to do some tools stuff, but I wanted to wait for the SDK to find out what we have first.
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