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  1. Yeah, can we stop with the, "listen to me on teh gaem engins, I got 2 mil scoire in Ut2K3, I r teh expart!!!" threads? They're really getting to be clutter.
  2. Look thouroughly through the VEH template files and figure out which option is currently the best until we can add new code.
  3. Rid of threads like these and people complaining, "omg q3 engine sux0rz1!!11" and "omg not enuff playar combos for my RPG clan!!1" and "omg raven r noob patch teh game ragdoll sux!!" etc Oh wait, that's not a problem with JA. Still...
  4. Hmm, I didn't realize that before, marz. I compared that with a movie photo, and they appeared identicle, so I posted this one because it was far clearer. I forgot about changes between physical models as props for the vehicles, just like how there are several versions of the E-11 prop. I think Luke's pistol in ESB was supposed to be the same as Han's, but because of the physical differences, they just called it something different later.
  5. That's about perfect. My only suggestion is to make it a little brighter, like in this shot: Also, the additional red marks near the middle of the gun barrel don't belong, nor does that blue-gray stripe through the front red stripe. I'm not complaining, only pointing these out, if you wish to fix them (I could do it myself if I needed to (if it's a public release, which I assume it is)). Also, a second version with a little snow piled on it would be really awesome.
  6. The color on the blaster cannons is off, it shouldn't be blue. Also, the red is still missing at the back. Check my reference shots above. Is this going to be a public release? I'd love to use it in my map.
  7. I am not understanding your, "OMGOMGOMG I WANT TEH GRAPHIX PUBLISHERS STOP BNEING LEAZY CUZ I WANT A COOL LOOKING GAME" mentality. It just makes me sick. Does JA look bad? No. Does it look incredible? No. Does it look good? Yes. Is the art well done? Yes. That's the most important part in being visually pleasing, having the art well done. You can have the most advanced engine on the planet and still make the game look like ****. If you like graphics so much, go stare at 3dmark03 all day, and stop playing the GAMES that could get you GAMEPLAY.
  8. How about a flatshade or wireframe?
  9. Yes, there are, and the one in the front is a little off in size. Some reference shots... http://www.theforce.net/scifi3d/starwars/meshes/snowspeeder.jpg http://www.starwars.jp/machine/image/snowspeeder.jpg I'd really like to use it in my Hoth Siege map, I'm adding flyable snowspeeders. Coding it isn't going to be hard at all, it's just like a swoop, you only need to code pitch and some verticle movement, the rest you can do with the VEH files, which are plain text.
  10. Damn right, I totally agree. Raven has, for most all the problems, a fix! They are just waiting on LEC to let them release it. I'm not sure how LEC operates, but it might have to do with how the President just resigned without reason, so that could be causing some choas, needing products in general to be put on a back burner. Still, though, they have always neglected the community, apparently they think it isn't worth their time or money. For such greedy moneymongerers, I'm really suprised that they don't see how such major issues hurt the sales of the game. Balance issues? Single saber too weak? Hah, mostly everyone doesn't care about that crap. It's only people like us that do, that isn't going to hurt sales. What will hurt sales is stuff like the dynamic glow and server issues. If a customer is torn between JA and another game, they'll probably pick the other game if they know JA is buggy.
  11. I don't think Raven or LEC is going to listen to what is essentially, "Get sum reel skilz b4 making a game noobs, you should be ashamed"
  12. Yes, the Sith levels were fantastic, especially the dark Jedi statue things, those creeped me out back then.
  13. Er, what? JO and JA's levels were equally linear, and I think we can all agree that the puzzles in the later parts of JO were absolute crap.
  14. Emon

    Map name.

    dir /maps Helps too.
  15. I agree. I also like the Imperial Palace missions. Infact, I love all of JK's missions. I really have to reply it some time.
  16. I can understand the Hitler stuff, but the others are ridiculous.
  17. ASE doesn't actually require you to register, but it bugs you about it a lot. Last time I tried QTracker, though, it was really slow in retrieving servers.
  18. I thought eBay offered some service against this.
  19. Correct, but then again, no one has asked. I assume there are changes in balance.
  20. Vehicle control improved (SP, MP, both? not sure) Dynamic glow speed and bug issues fixed Bug fixes from the demo put into the single player game, such as fixed hub level loading for mappers (make level transitions like Deus Ex or HL expansions) The first two I heard from Zer0-L0gic, a designer who worked on the Siege maps in JA. Not saying he's wrong, but information directly from the programmers should certantly be considered more carved in stone than from a designer. Just a general disclaimer so people don't beat me if those fixes aren't there. The last one I got directly from James Monroe via e-mail. Razorace, do you know what maps are to be included?
  21. Eh, I wasn't talking about you, but if you feel so cheated, you can always take it back. Sitting here and talking about how much you dislike it or parts of it isn't going to make it any better.
  22. You know, if you don't like it, you don't have to play it. And you especially don't have to post here. Threads like this aren't needed.
  23. We know from Raven that there is material for a patch, we don't know if LEC will let them release a patch.
  24. I'd rather see a HSL slider, with saturation and luminosity being limited, so you don't get idiots running around with ugly bright pink and white lightsabers.
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