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  1. Wow... Interesting. All I can recommend is using even older drivers, or using the 50.xx release. 50.xx is out, isn't it?
  2. Since those are map fixes, probably not.
  3. Graphical bugs (like fixing dynamic glow speed), vehicle control, some other behind the scenes stuff (level loading thing for SP mappers), etc.
  4. Emon


    Damn, he got the error! This means you have to reformat your whole computer, reinstall Windows and everything. Make sure you back up your data though. Do that and the error will be gone.
  5. Emon


    Buy the game.
  6. You're best off with a JK.net players group. No clan, no association, just a group of regulars. And links on the main page to server info, status, server addresses, etc. Siege would be the best focus for the group, in my opinion, because it's going to grow far more than any other game type.
  7. What's what I was getting at, Master William. If you can't take a little humor, maybe you should leave.
  8. Yeah, there are supposed to be some major issues fixed. I have no idea when, though.
  9. The demo has some bug fixes and new features that the retail does not (time constraints with LEC I believe), James Monroe informed me that all their fixes from the demo will make it into the first patch.
  10. I think anyone who believes JO SP had superior level design has some serious personal issues to work out. That being said, you go sort them out, but don't drag the rest of us down with you.
  11. At least it didn't have rubix cube communication centers.
  12. If you don't weight, you can't have animations. And you can animate in 3ds max already, and Wudan is working on a freeware animation program specifically for JO/JA.
  13. Er, sorry, it sounds like you mean, "New animtions other than a cheap arm offset aren't possible," well, that isn't true. In JO you can fully animate anything you want. I know the JA SDK isn't out yet, so it's obviously not possible yet, but it sounded like you said it wasn't doable in JO either. Edit: Actually you could replace or add new animations with GlaMerge right now, and you might be able to play them in SP or MP with ICARUS, but it would be extremely cumbersome.
  14. It's not supposed to be accurate. I'm not insulting the Siege map, I like it a lot, and even the author of it told me it wasn't meant to be the movie battle. Obviously. He even wished me luck on my own.
  15. I dunno, remember JK on the Zone? Remember the clans like DSbr and WD (I have no idea on their status for JO/JA, I hear they are totally different now)? A lot of them (not all) were arrogant jerks, and a lot never actually played the game. They'd say, "omg I'll **** u up noob" "omg u sux noob I'd play u but I don't have my CD" "noob" was somehow an insult.
  16. I found it longer than JO. I spent at least 20 hours on it, which is pretty good, considering some other games only take 10 to 15 nowadays.
  17. One of Raven's mappers told me dynamic glow, vehicle control and many other aspects will be fixed in the first patch.
  18. New animations through code have already been done for JO, it's the same for JA, we just need the SDK.
  19. No, I think saberTraceSaberFirst is just bad blocking... Razor Ace will know, I shall ask.
  20. It's not coded by the same people, not JA and SoF2 anyway (I think) which explains the differences in the systems, even if they are based on the same thing... But yeah, SoF2 MP was great with collision.
  21. Sticky? A lot of people have complained about this.
  22. If you're good enough, you could take one out, just like I've seen people in JO win games with almost nothing but a saber. But I think their main advantage is probably speed and stealth. Most of the maps get some of them Speed or Mind Trick, right?
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