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  1. Um, the game engine has NOTHING to do with how the game looks. JK2 is miles ahead of the original Q3 as far as graphics go. And what do you mean Quake III look? You mean the realistic, non 2-D look?
  2. The system requirments for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast will probably be the same as Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. MoH:AA uses a souped up Quake III Arena engine, and RtCW and JKII use a souped up Quake III Team Arena engine.
  3. 1. There are no light or dark side force powers. It's been explained many times in the expanded universe. Use the force for evil, it's the dark side. Use it for good, it's the light side. 2. Single-player will have the force powers lumped together like MotS. A branching story would be just like JK1, and would be kinda old. 3. Multi-player has seperated force powers, and they said it'll be like JK, so that probably means you can be a lower level disciple or something like that to combine them. There may be tons of server options to even turn off the force seperation, and make it like single-player.
  4. I believe these "meteors" are probe droids. Look at the concept art, there's a drawing of the same facility, the base-in-the-cliffs thing. On the side, there's a note that says it's a probe droid launching facility.
  5. 1. Yeah, that shot that looks like it's coming from Kyle's E-11 is the shot from the stormtrooper up above as he runs by. Besides, there's no muzzle flash on the gun. 2. Everything about this game is perfect except the lightsaber blending. In some pics, the additive blending and the core are flawless, like in pics #2 and #6. However, in pics like #1, there's no additive blending on the saber, or it's just too dark a color to see it, since saber color is changeable. I also hate how you can see through the core partially in some pics. I know the saber trails aren't going to be 100% flawless, afterall it's only Q3, but I wish the blending would be fixed.
  6. I voted Much Stronger. I think in multi-player it would be fine, because of the GHOUL2 system. If you hit someone in the arm, it sure isn't going to kill them. But if you land a hit in the head or torso, he should be dead unless he's got lots of shields.
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