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    I'm a pyromaniac! In my mind... And I don't need to put my birth date. You should all know...
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    Some strange area with sheep.
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    Psychonauts. And writing
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    Internet explorer
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  1. I've learnt that trying to talk while typing is a bad idea. For example- My father: Madz, go and get something for us to watch from Video Ezy. Me: Sure, Alice... Whatever you say. Seriously, I'm the worst (female!) multitasker ever! I also learnt that fanclubs have many inner workings you don't know about.
  2. We should have another insaneoo RPG like the Anti-Tim one a while back... Like, say, an Attack of the Crossovers thing, or something, where everyone has themselves, a character from a show/game/book and a Psychonauts character and it's, like, the other media characters invading Whispering Rock and the LF crowd and the Psychonauts defending it in a battle royale! If we do that, I hereby bags Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. xD Am I the only one that thinks this could be FUN?!
  3. My favorite anime is FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. It is so full of violence, and hot German guys (Anyone who remembers some of my older posts will probably not find this disturbing... AND! The one I'm now referring to has A NORMAL SHADE OF SKIN!) and people with green and pink and purple hair... I luffs it. And when I go to Japan in December/January, I'm gonna buy the Dream Carnival game and a Japanese Playstation.
  4. I don't get out much myself, but I know most people don't scream about losing their virginity... Probably because I'm in my first year of high school and therefore only know and hang around a few people in their twenties or older, but hey.
  5. Wow. Since everyone's going all random, I'll go random too. RICHARD HORVITZ IS COMING TO A CONVENTION NEAR ME, AND I'M GOING TO IT!!! I'M GONNA GIVE HIM BACON AND TUNA!!! AND MAKE HIM SCREAM I AM ZIM!!! AND YELL ABOUT LOSING HIS BRAIN. YIPPEE!!! Okay. My spazzfit is now over. Any comments?
  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I feel loved. People miss Pyro, and Pyro smiles for those people. RPG! W00T!
  7. That I shall, Darth! Right after... My internet loads the page. T.T It's good to see y'all round here again!
  8. DARTHY!!! -hugs- I missed you so much! I missed you all! -hugs for everyone- Wait... You're a mod now?! SINCE WHEN!? -is insanely jealous- And... Mayhem's a mod too!? EVERYONE'S A MOD NOW! Oh, and the reason I'm not insanely active on fanfiction.net anymore is because... A) It won't let me post stories half the time, and my internet's less than 40kb, so I can't be stuffed waiting for the pages to load. B) Stupid writer's block. C) I have no time to write! I'm crazy busy with making cosplays, making AMVs and getting uber ready for conventions that are six months away... But I'm cosplaying a freakin' suit of armor, so I HAVE to be ready! Anything interesting happened around here OTHER than you all becoming mods, and my slow internet?
  9. I have contributed love, joy and bad cooking to the world! And a good Alphonse Elric movie version cosplay. Anyway... FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
  10. Great to meet you, oh wonderful person I have never met before either! I give you gifts of imaginary pie and cookies! -hands over such objects-
  11. I joined because I found the website whilst going on a sweep for sweet, juicy Psychonauts info. And, the people seemed nice enough. I found out about Psychonauts in an issue of Total Gamer that I bought because it had Kingdom Hearts on the front. I said to myself when I saw it... "Hey! It's a game that's insane as I am!" I am now returning to find that everyone I used to know, love and feel equal to as moderators... Whilst I am a lowly member. Congrats, Darth and Miss Mayhem! CONGRATS!
  12. "Barry McGee's last words were... 'But isn't it cute!'... Call the Cat Attack hotline today, and donate money... Simply call 0800-MEOWCH for more information"
  13. Well, I'm not new around here, as you can probably tell from my post count, but looking around there are a lot of crazy new faces that won't know me, so I had better re-introduce myself. I'm Pyro, short for Pyrohappygirl, and I'm the crazy person around here who likes... A) Fire B) Fullmetal Alchemist C) Socializing with others crazies And... D) Psychonauts... It's come back to haunt me. Hello all new-ish people! Now, time for me to get settled back in! ^^
  14. Oooh... This I gotta see! -runs off to look at everything I've missed-
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