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  1. I found Home Alone scary the first time I saw it... En welkom Jack
  2. This if ****ing amazing! How much did it cost you, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Grim Fandango Soundboard.. of course I'd use it! On Android, that is.
  4. First of all, great idea and great effort you've already put into it! I like Enlightened Florist the most. Coaxing Meche is pretty good as well. Ninth Heaven is strong too, though I personally would omit the pieces between 1:05 and 1:08 and between 2:15 and 2:18, imo it disturbs the flow. All in all, very good job! Would really like to hear the rest.
  5. Is Laserschwerts actually working on it right now?
  6. I guess I never stopped to think about what poster he had just jumped through.
  7. I like too, very nice work! I've never noticed this poster before.
  8. Laserschwert is king. And Chaosman is a prince
  9. 27x40 inch, or cm? In the case of this being in cm, I'd be a bit disappointed because I figured it would be bigger.. nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to this getting scanned
  10. Today, I was browsing GF's page on IMDB again (link), and I noticed Marcy from Californication (anyone seen that show, it's pretty darn awesome) did the voice of Carla and Pugsy. Didn't recognize it while watching Californication, but I can hear it now
  11. Awaiting the poster, I had a project of my own. I received a gift certificate that I could use for various purposes. One was getting a picture painted on canvas. The rest wasn't very useful, so Grim Fandango on canvas it had to be! Here's the result. The first picture is the canvas (30x40cm) on the table by daylight, the second is the canvas hanging up on the wall. I just took the second pictre and because the light isn't very good, I had to use the flash on my cellphone when taking the picture, which causes the picture to come out a bit nasty, but whatever.
  12. I wonder how Carl's tats have turned out..
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