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  1. Could you perhaps PM me MagnusII's email address? He hasn't sent me the KAurora Source Code yet, so I wanted to send an email and have him add it as an attachment in a reply...

  2. Wow, nice work! This is going to get handy. Nice and easy to check out if custom walkmeshes look decent when compiled with Kaurora.


    ^_^ I'll try to find some time to play with this!

  3. Ever feel like doing area reskins? If so, this oughta broaden your options.:)


  4. Not yet, got sidetracked by a girl ;)

  5. Any luck testing those models? :)

  6. I'll give it a test run. See how it turns out on my end :p

  7. I'm using the 0.5.0 version. I've also converted all of Toasty's gun models without any problems. I don't know why the melee weapons give me trouble, and it's all of them - longswords, shortswords, vibroblades, vibroswords, doubleswords and vibrodoubleblades - that end up huge.


    Can you check it for yourself to see if it’s not just something wrong on my end? :)

  8. Aah, the old days. When I started to sweat to get my first hilt model in the game. Following T7 Nowheres tutorial. What a struggle, but what a pay off. I remember the big influx of new modders. That was often a bit 'annoying', as the newbies just kept posting the same questions over and over. Though it certainly didn't do the community harm. As Milestails nicely listed above, we have top quality mods now. And some of the old guru's like DI stick around to show us younger ones the follies of our ways Ah, the fun times with DarthDingDong. *sigh*
  9. What version of MDLops are you using?

    There are 3 versions out there. And sometimes it's better to use the oldest one => 0-5-0


    As 06a1 or the 06alpha4 might give odd results such as misplaced/ enlarged models .

    I've been converting the gun models from Toasty Fresh to TSL myself. So far I haven't had any troubles :)

  10. Hey Quanon, since you're the main man when it comes to models, I was wondering if I could ask you something. I'm trying to convert a few of Toasty Fresh's weapon models to TSL, but I'm having trouble with melee weapons - they all end up huge, like this:




    Do you know what can be causing this? Or if I'm doing something wrong?

  11. Oh dear :lol:

    Well, it's a good thing it ends up just being this little silly mistake.

    It happens to the best of us all the time ;)

  12. I finally came to realize that my issue with 3dsmax 2012 was that I had installed the export script in the wrong folder. :xp:


    Silly me. :D

  13. Héh, just recently I dug up some older series, which I saw on TV, saturday mornings or somewhere in the afternoons when school was finished. So for a nostalgia trip, I found back Teknomen or Tekkaman Blade. I wanted to see if I still liked the thing. It's dated, but flashy and often oddly edited. But it still has it's charm to me. I rewatched the whole series. Another oldy I enjoy is Rurouni Kenshin/ Samurai X. Haven't read the manga yet. Other stuff I've seen are I would guess the classics: Spirited Away. Grave of Fireflies. Ghost in the Shell. Akira. There a few others, my brother in law is a bigger fan of anime things. So I've seen a few more movies, but I can't recall the titles. For fun I did get a chance to read the Dragon Ball mangas. Fun stuff.
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