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  1. Oh, found something else, that might "save" your model: for that low, euh strip along the walls. Is by adding in extra verts and connecting them, just like the stuff from my previous message: So in editable poly, select by edge, look for Insert Vertex (1); click along to add in extra verts. Then scroll down for CREATE (2) and connect your new made verts with the older ones:




    Did the same for those round corners at the end/ entrance to the round room.




    Now these last dudes, could have been the cause of trouble, though, its still iffy.

    Other then a few smallish clean up issues, I couldn't find anything that was wrong.

  2. Hmmm; Somehow I can't find what I'm looking for.. I'm certain I had a nice little text DI gave me about grass in areas. Nothing turned up from my HD either. If I get a change I'll bug DI about it. Cause I'dd like to have that info myself again aswell :p


    Though I'm 99% sure the walkmesh itself needs to have parts of it set to grass. Mayhaps with some hex editing you could switch the settings of the walkmesh without breaking the entire module.

  3. Euhm, not sure if I'm following what you up to?

  4. Okay; thanks for the update. I've been working on getting my lightmaps to work on my street area mainly. It's sucking up a lot of time. As can't get them to work 100% correct. *sigh* Redoing stuff is so boring.

  5. Only if its needed, with more polys you can go more precise around objects.

    Like, for example a bunch of rocks. You could just leave a rectangle shaped hole in your walkmesh, so the player can't go through the rocks.


    But with a few polyies more, you could make the hole, more fitting to the shape of the rocks. When you go for one big walkmesh, you might have to simplify such things.


    The exporter doesn't like really big walkmeshes, there's a maximum of faces/verts you can have, though I can't remember what that number is. :p


    Now, what I do, is make a large walkmesh, then add edges where I want to cut it.

    So I first create it fully and then devide.


    The game can be a bit troublesome about the walkmesh edge jumping, like say, you can go from part 1 to 2, but not back again.


    Got that a lot and it takes some getting use to.

    I think I might perhaps wright you a small tutorial? ;)


    As it'll be more clear when I have some pictures.

  6. In a bit of black hole. I stopped school and now looking for job.

    Its the first in life I don't have anything planned out for me... so it feels weird.


    No idea what to expect.

  7. Heyo, MagnusII! Hope your doing well; could you check out your PM inbox.

    I'm having problems with Kaurora again. :lol: Yeah, I know, I'm a whining modeller.

  8. Hahaha, nice to hear it turns out okay in the game now. Well almost okay :p


    Well to fix the texture stretching, import back in the ASCII, you got from the export.

    You'll have to re-add the textures and such. Unlink the meshes that are "broken", then re apply a UVW map, resetxform the thing. Link it all back to the Aurorabase and have another export and test run in the game.


    It mostly works out OK for me.

  9. Oh, hey there!


    I'm pretty fine, besides the ME 2 addiction ^_^

  10. Good, nearly done. The engines where a bit troublesome, it's been awhile since I did such more detailed UVW mapping, plus some family affairs, note positive affairs, slowed my progress a bit :lol:


    I know, I know, I work like a snail >_<

  11. Oh, I'll have to peek in my WIP folder, those textures are gathering a lot of dust :lol:

    I never continued work on the console thing though... hmm, might pick that one up where I left.

  12. OOoOOooOH Female contacts !

  13. Oooh, I'll have a look :p

  14. héhhéhé, for good this time, just one more release in the making with GloveMaster.

    Then I consider to be hard to budge to give a helping hand ^_^

  15. Sure, I got the high-res pics uploaded somewhere.

    I'll PM a linky :)

  16. Good question :lol:


    I'm certain LAVA is in it though :)

  17. Lucky man ! I get no attention, I've only got the empty cold 3D space :(



  18. Yeah, I'll check LF often, less in Holowan though.


    I've posted enough info of what I know about modding, the rookie's will find their way :p

  19. Héhéhé a bedroom.


    Though I'm not sure why the cylinder objects(plantpot and stands) need so many sides.

    If I use "round" shapes, just for dressing up the area, I never go much higher then 12.


    And plants are a a pain, suck up polys, by the leaves thing... and you can't escape that :p

    Good start I'dd say. :)

  20. Oy, mate, looks like I've linked you the wrong set of 3D files >_<

    I was taking a peek in an older folder and found a ZIP containing the actuall LAVA area.


    I'm now uploading it. Expect a new PM later on, with the correct files!

    You can keep the others, those are really randome things... mask and other bits & bobs :lol:

  21. Yeah, the update was for the full Yavin zip. It's one of the few modules that should work a bit more easely then my other created stuff.

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