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  1. hehe, In no time you'll recongize my new avy :p

  2. Woops... Shouldn't have been reading the forums at 4:00' clock, was to drowzy anyway.

  3. And here's the ship :lol:


    Euhmz... I'm so weird o_Q

  4. Huh, odd place...

  5. EW is married ?

  6. Cowabunga my master class modder.

  7. [Dramatic Music]

    And so enters the real Lord of Third Dimension to claim his price: The Paper ship.

    So forth he went and took it out of time.




    This is an out the world post

  8. Weird that I never posted here before

  9. :lol: I guess :p


    <3 Yargh :lol:

  10. :p But I like to play
  11. Exporting is to be found in the AuroraBase, the green squirre thingy with the arrow pointing out.

  12. I would say the same like Inryi. Great quality on the textures themselfs, but the combination of them together is often to "cluttered".


    I guess I could give it shot, like you said in your post you can easly delete those you don't like :)

  13. No problem, mate.

    Thats what the forums are for.

  14. I should have it somewhere on my harddrive.

    Know what, when I find it, I shall upload it and send you PM (Private Message) with link.

    So you can download it.


    Tanias Replacer is used for the head models. Other models like weapons, visors and such is done with Mdlops 0.5.


    And if you"re really adventerous to have you're own area model its Kaurora you need :)

  15. Modelling Problem :p

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