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  1. Good times, so long ago. I remember much of that...the old JKII.net, LeXX, point system, scroll sigs...
  2. I'm sad to see it come to this. It went back so far, it changed so much. For me, we became them. I still regret that sometimes, but you can't change the past. Good luck to you all, if ever you need anything, holomail/tell me.
  3. *Waves* Can I get back to you on that one...in a few years or whatnot?
  4. I always walk on the "correct" tiles, but only if the tiles are different colors. If you touch my saxaphone I freak out Right pocket must have calculator, pencils, deck of cards, sticky notes. Left pocket must have pens, glasses, pencil sharpener, water bottle. That's all I've go tfor now
  5. I'm optimistic, the book is so amazing, the movie's gotta be at least pretty good. Z-This is the book, the best in witty humor....go read it. Now.
  6. Seems things are picking up, that's good. If it's OK I may drop in on a Sunday RP evening
  7. Stash - Phish - crazy, like me Dust in the Wind - Kansas - reflective He's A Pirate - Pirates of the Carribean and Concerning Hobbits - The fellowship of the ring, cheery songs
  8. Ahem. SWG. I got a new box of rifles, and now have a worthy BE quest. Cl23, strong poison and disease, 7k+ health/action, ranged, light armor, no more than 2 vulns, good kinetic
  9. Yea, SW:GB was fun but really wasn't much besides AoC with revamped graphics and fighters. Speak of Age of Empires though....woot, AoE3 on it's way!
  10. What he said, except Happy Holidays, Happy Chanukah, or hag chanukah sameach, lshanah tovah.
  11. If only I could make myself leave DS I could make it 5 Ah well, I'll have to drop back by the crafters retreat sometime.
  12. Impressive...very impressive Makes me want to come back more than usual.
  13. Altus_Thrawn


    Mmm cookies This is not a spam post...It has hidden philosophical meaning. Or somethinglike that Corzip...can I have your ore? I mean, Corzip, I pack a wicked /wookieeroar
  14. Congratulations! The best name is definitly Chaim, meaning life. Err...I mean...whatever floats your boat
  15. Every year I try to read it, every year I get about 50 pages farther...at last count I made it to 165
  16. What Imreanna said - painful truth. Cheers
  17. Party hardly seems the word... It's a shame to see the associates go like this.
  18. I feel for you guys. I to, am getting bored with SWG. Guildchat, people, and perhaps most of all, the hope of a combat balance keep me ingame. I can't say that I'll be going to WoW...but...hey, Tenebrae and DS are here
  19. Anybody care to explain deviantART to the relatively uneducacted me? IE, what is it? Just a hosting site?
  20. I dunno, personally I go for the more..worldly look. IE a smile is worth more than a large chest, and all that. I also tend to go for the realistically achievable That being said, I like that Emma Watson picture alot.... Liv Tyler
  21. Agreed Sabriel (And Lirael and Abhorsen for that matter) have quite their fair share of good lines. And rhymes.
  22. Fun game, Rebellion (in my part of the world). I play it on the network with my brother every now and again. In the beginning the Empire has the one disloyal planet, and naturally I'm usually the Empire. When my brother sends his fleet to "liberate" the planet, I send my Lord Vader to get rid of his flagship. Good times
  23. Life's been good to me Two things really spring to mind though, first at camp when I was the shoulder to lean on, I felt....well useful I guess. It was fulfilling. Then at school the other day, I'm walking along and some younger guy who I don't know drops his bookbag and all his stuff falls out. I bend down to pick it up, for whatever reason it made my day. Though the huge I got from a family member for my Bar Mitzvah wasn't unappreciated
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