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  1. Should be back half time Still somewhat busy...
  2. Maybe Tavion would be the big boss in JO sequal...it sure makes sense because you don't hear from her after the encounter at Bespin
  3. Let the Countdown begin....
  4. First, the DFA (Death From Above manuever) once again will kill instantly, like the one in v1.02, just without pivoting. All of the saber moves have been powered-up, which could do a lot of damage if a shot was scored. The mid-air lunge has been removed, along with the high-fall save lunges. The backsweep/backstab has been tweaked, and powered-down, and plus no more pivoting. There's a big fix When I was playing FF Sabers only, that Pull+Backsweep manuever people kept trying to do to me will not work because you can't knock people over with pull anymore When you enter a Duel, you can't use any inventory like Bacta Tanks, and plus if it is a FF server, you can't use Saber Throw. As for duels, it's more fun now because the saber damage has been increased, but your defense is still like in 1.03, can almost block any saber swings. So no more newbie's-random-swings that kills you because skills matter more in 1.04 One last thing...any body noticed the roll? You can now control the roll much...more. While rolling forward you could actually pull back lol, and the backroll sometimes rolls shorter distance (not always) Anybody notice the jump height? Higher? Or is it just me...
  5. one big one is the game-freezes. minor bugs like u can purposely make ur saber fly away from you (works best on bespin) More options on the voting menu/game setting menu... And probably something new...like a new saber combo? or a new stance? Sound sound? I dont know...just a gut feeling that 2 fixes can't really make it an official patch...especially when it takes like forever to beg LucasArts for another patch
  6. Vader would wipe out Jerec in like 2 seconds.
  7. So far I only noticed the backsweep nerf and no more air lunge... I was assuming that there should be more fixes to make it an "official patch" Why really beg LucasArts to grant them to make a patch that really only has like 2 fixes? Oy...
  8. Wow long codes....think Raven should include all these setting in the Game Setting Menu? It'd be much easier...
  9. Which reminds me of the Force Lightning/Force Draining issue...along with Force Healing too lol
  10. ammmmm sawww daaarrn xxxcciiteed daaat i kaaannt aven tipppe...
  11. or make Jedi Knight 3 more a Deus-Ex styled game... I think a combination of FPS and RPG is great for single player. You can really go anywhere you want, talk to whoever you want, get in some local trouble, run away...but all in 1st person. Almost like Star Wars Galaxy in a First Person Shooter form. As for multiplayer, slash away.
  12. My clan has compiled a list too...as to-date http://rcowherd.com/aoj/jk2/html/special_craplist.htm Hehe.
  13. Sometimes that isn't really the case. When you play JO and while it's loading, you see Loading Skins (and all the guns even though it's a saber only game), it's not really loading all the skins because the game will freeze for like 1-5 seconds when someone loads a new skin (and if the skin has already been loaded, it should pop right out) and i have to press Tab to get frozen and see the new skin...and my computer isn't all that crappy.
  14. Probably not...it said server crash.... Freeze crash...I hope they fix that too lol
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