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  1. I see you got the ASUS Z-87A. Excellent choice. :thumbsup:


    I also see that you got an MSI TFIII, which is also a great choice. 660 or 650 TI BOOST?


    You're going to love this machine, BTW.

  2. Q



    Let's find you a motherboard.

  3. Oh, OK.


    Which CPU?

  4. Yeah, I saw that.


    If you're willing to settle for an 80Plus Bronze unit (I did; no worries), that same model is available under several different brand names which are often on sale for $40-$50.

  5. Q

    It's not the Pro model; it's just the regular 840. The NAND chips aren't nearly as durable as the Pro model's. I'd get the Pro.


    Yes, you could get 2x128GB SSDs and RAID them together. They'd be roughly twice as fast as a single drive.

  6. Q

    Finally posted in the hardware advice thread.


    Sorry that I haven't been around lately.

  7. Thanks. :)


    I'm now at the top of the hill. :whacked:

  8. Q



    I'm now officially old. :whacked:

  9. Q

    After the dick avvy, how are you still here?



  10. LOL. That bad, huh?


    Not surprising, given that it was written by a no-talent hack. :p


    Netflix it is, then.

  11. No. Actually, I'm kind of afraid to, with all that's been said about it. :p


    I'll catch it sooner or later, though. Maybe I'll wait for it to be available on Netflix.

  12. You should post exactly what you said here in there.

  13. Q

    Not another one. :p

  14. Q

    Oh, that's OK. Better late than never. :)

  15. Well, thank you. :)

  16. Thanks.


    40's a-comin'. I can see the top of the hill, now. :p

  17. Hm. RL avatar featuring a pretty girl and an invitation to chat.


    You're not some kind of internet predator, are you? :p

  18. Q

    My pleasure. :)

  19. The June 2010 package is still the newest one, I think.


    Just make a new folder on your desktop and extract it to there when directed to, then go into the folder and run the executable. You can then delete the folder and the even package if you want to. Otherwise save it somewhere in case you have to reinstall Windows.

  20. Q

    I tried to be vague.

  21. Bah, you should've kept the Oddball avvy.


    "Have a little faith baby; have a little faith." :p


    Kelly's Heroes is the forizzleshizzle.

  22. Q

    In such a case my answer is along the lines of "Sorry, but I don't answer loaded female entrapment questions, so please stop asking them," whether it makes her look fat or not. Drives 'em crazy, and serves 'em right. :p


    And, of course, this is most likely why I've never been in a relationship that lasted more than six months...

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