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  1. Here in the US, freedom can only be found in the history books.
  2. For reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hare_Psychopathy_Checklist Factor 1: Interpersonal/Affective Glibness/superficial charm Grandiose sense of self-worth Pathological lying Cunning/manipulative Lack of remorse or guilt Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived and egocentric) Callousness; lack of empathy Failure to accept responsibility for his or her own actions Factor One is the really all that can be observed on the internet, but when a person shows the symptoms of Factor One in spades, it's a pretty safe bet that they're a sociopath. Ruh-roh! SCIENCE!
  3. From my observations and personal experience here, I'm convinced that the systematic gutting of LF is a prime example of what can happen when a charming, manipulative, textbook-sociopathic control freak is given a position of authority and those who granted that authority, due to pride, or solidarity or whatever, persistently fail to take responsibility for their mistake and take the necessary actions to fix it, even when the results are staring them in squarely the face. Instead, they resort to scapegoating certain members, usually those who have no authority, and, therefore, no ability, to wreak this kind of havoc, but have dared to speak out. This is, incidentally, exactly the result that said charming, manipulative, textbook-sociopathic control freak wanted in the first place. It's like a religion, or something. Oh, and DUH-UH...
  4. The option should still be in the .ini file. Look for "DisableMovies".
  5. After which movies do these blackouts occur?
  6. I think it's great that the OP is learning how to drive in a car with a manual transmission. I think that everyone should learn to drive this way. I prefer a manual, because they give the driver more control and the only part that can wear out over the life of the car is the clutch. And if you're really good with it, even that won't wear out. Rhett's points are valid, though. A manual can be a nightmare in heavy traffic, so I would consider an automatic if I lived in a city.
  7. No idea, except that this game engine has traditionally had rendering problems with everything but Nvidia GPUs.
  8. I recently installed KotOR 2 on a new laptop with a Core i3 and it's still safe to say that you'd need most of the eye candy turned off even if it was available. You can max anisotropy and texture quality, but the only other option that will work is shadows. The HD 4000 that I have won't render grass correctly and antialiasing slows the frame rate to an unacceptable degree. Every other option is grayed out, and hacking the .ini didn't work for me, either.
  9. They're self-employed. Their health insurance, which they bought and paid for themselves, was with New York Life, which is no longer providing health insurance because ObamaCare has made it unprofitable to do so. This isn't some ****ty employer-provided HMO. It's first-rate care that they've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in over the past four decades, and they're losing it.
  10. They're losing their coverage because of government intervention into health care. LOL, when has either party done that? Not in my lifetime, which is why the country's in the toilet.
  11. Intel graphics, or AMD?
  12. Still trying to figure out why someone at the relatively young age of 47 would need a total knee replacement. Isn't that usually reserved for the critically injured, the old and the morbidly obese? Perhaps the injury occurred while she was earning her black belt in tae kwon do...
  13. I think that somebody's throwing a tantrum because they're not getting their way. On a side note: my parents are losing their coverage after paying into it for over 40 years because of ObamaCare. Who needs "death panels" when the old will lose their coverage simply because they're too old?
  14. LOL @ the latest "call to knee-jerk." Conservatives + Libertarians = NOT GONNA HAPPEN, AKA LOL.
  15. Jae, I have no doubt that LucasForums is what it is today, due in no small part to your efforts.
  16. Be very glad that you're asking yourself this question now, and not 20 years from now. Are you doing what you want to do, or are you doing what you think that the people who are important to you want you to do?
  17. Best part is that we still don't know WTF's gonna happen. Oh, please, please, please, don't be a retarded cop-out like Battlestar Galactica's, Lost's and The Sopranos' endings were.
  18. KotOR 1 & 2 both play wonderfully on the most modern Nvidia cards with just a few tweaks. Nvidia cards have traditionally been the choice for playing the KotOR games with all of the eye candy turned on. AMD cards still have trouble rendering stuff like grass, so some of the terrific grass mods out there won't work on them. The tradeoff is that Nvidia cards are usually more expensive than AMD cards, and sometimes that premium can be hard to justify. If you're going to play modern games as well the bare minimum card you should be looking at is a GTX 650 TI BOOST.
  19. If money is no object, I'd get the Razer Blade, but, since I'm a cheapskate, I'd probably settle for the similarly-performing MSI GE40 2OC-009US for about a third less money and then figure out a way to cool it effectively. Both weigh in at about 2 kilos.
  20. The affinity option is under the Details tab in Windows 8's task manager. Otherwise, it works the same as in Windows 7. Right-click on the .exe and select "set affinity." As for your video card, it's dual-GPU, so you'll want to set the game to run on a single GPU in your Nvidia control panel under "3D Options". Otherwise, I'm not sure why it's giving you an error when it tries to detect your video card.
  21. Haven't tried this yet, but I think it has a very good chance of solving your problem.
  22. Which version of the game are you using? Original CD, Best of PC, Steam or Collection DVD?
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