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  1. Yes, the "this doesn't look like kotor era" kept running through my head as well. Most particularly this was at the beginning when we saw the Titan-class cruisers flying over Alderan. Yeah, those weren't built then. Hey, it's not the end of my world if they don't get the canon right, as long as the game is fun and enjoyable I'm not going to have an aneurysm over anything. But that's still no excuse to be stupid.
  2. Maybe they should rename this video "Crash", because that's what it did to TOR's website. You know, I always find this ridiculous, they build up huge hype, only to not have enough servers to take the hit when the magic number hits.
  3. And people wonder why it's so easy to be bigoted towards Islam and Muslims. If this was the exception, yeah, great, whatever, but nobody can argue that this kind of situation is pretty much the rule in many Islam-dominated countries.
  4. Oh there'll be one I'm sure.
  5. Yeah, and they're gonna be pretty unpopular pretty quick if we have to delete characters we've worked real hard at and enjoy just to make a new one.
  6. It would make sense, if there are 8 unique classes, it would give us room t play one of each, and then replay our top two. Of course it also depends on how servers are done.
  7. So, this game is going to advertise as: "It's like WoW and Guild Wars combined with added alien space babes!"
  8. Eh, Hoth, *shrug*, honestly, most of these worlds are a bit boring, but what makes a world interesting isn't so much what you're looking at but what you'll be doing there.
  9. Non-human, but that depends on what races are available, what colors you can pick from, and what physical adjustments you can do to them. If we're all just gonna be cookie-cutter shapes then that's disappointing but not a huge deal. Still, twi'leks have been done to death but I'm sure I'll make one, though assuming we get some other options, I'll give 'em all a try. If we get Togruta though as I think we will, that'll be my first one.
  10. Wouldn't be surprising, but I have to say, I'm enjoying this comic more than the previous one by quite a bit.
  11. ^THIS times OVER 9000!!! Really guys, you're setting us up for a fairly original game and what we're looking at is a WoW clone with lightsabers? Good job on the originality there, maybe you should just call this game: World of Warcraft: The Old Republic instead?
  12. Yeah, but we're America. We don't do anything "just enough". I mean, we've got a giant oil leak, a giant cap that failed, so we need a giant nuke. I mean, 50kilotons at the least. More if we have one of those sitting around.
  13. That's not entirely true. If a person or people don't know freedom, then sometimes forcing people out of their ruts is necessary. I don't like saying it's "their culture" because you can't be sure of that. It may be the culture they come from, the culture they are surrounded by, the culture they were forced into. But you can't say that it's theirs in that THEY want it to be that way. Just because I'm an American does not mean I approve of all aspects of American culture, just as being Japanese, Muslim, German or British mean you want to take part in a specific aspect or any aspect of a culture.
  14. Number of wars vs purported purpose of wars is an important discerning factor. If I go around saying "we should kill all the jews", then even if I have never been in or started a war, I will(and rightly so) be perceived as a greater threat than someone who goes around saying "if you try something stupid we'll beat you up." Oh boy, the, "they used them, they're bad!" argument. Really haven't we gotten over this one yet? Everyone who's ever built a nuclear weapon has "used" it. To demonstrate their power, to terrorize their enemy, to spread fear and ensure their power, even if they didn't use it directly upon people. Far worse things have been done with far smaller bombs, and even without bombs at all. Should we say that Germany shouldn't be allowed to have cars because they gassed Jews with them? Should we say that the Japanese shouldn't be able to have children because they taught them to sacrifice their lives for their country? Of course not, you would find these quite silly arguments. Nuclear bombs are weapons, and they are the best weapons when used as a threat, not actually dropped. If we use the threat of nuclear warfare as our defining factor in who has "used" a nuclear weapon, then we should be looking as Israel, Iran, China, Russia, France, the UK, the US, and others. The argument against the US having nukes is that they used them when people didn't know better. They used them when they were desperate to end an unforseeably long war faster. The argument against Iran having them is their apparent propensity to use them against civilian targets when we DO know better. Learning that something is wrong after doing it is great, even though you still did wrong. Doing something you know is wrong anyway, with no regard for it being wrong, is the sign of a psychopath. Two things, obviously, should come to mind when making bad comparasons. 1: date. This cleric's announcement was new, in present day. Regardless of how far Islamic society has progressed or regressed since the 1600s, the kind of ignorance and social propaganda required to claim that promiscuious women cause earthquakes(both social and earthly), is just stupid. That image was taken sometime back in the 1960's. In 40 years we have curbed what was often rampant racism, to only minor aspects, while in Islam, rampant radicalism has only grown. second is of course, scale. The KKK are not, and never(save maybe very early in their founding) have been an organization or group of persons held in high esteem. While clerics belong to a select group of trusted religious leaders. Few people look to the KKK for their moral compass. Lots of people look to what clerics say for their moral compass. That said there is of course, plenty of stupidity to go around, many middle eastern nations simply seem to have excess amounts at present. Thank you both for perpetuating the same bigotry and racism that you are arguing against. AGH! there is so much bad logic to reply too.
  15. Are you a victim? If yes, feel free to be concerned for others who have suffered through what you have. If no, then let them decide how best to deal with their suffering. Your argument is one that has been used for ages with male-female rape. "Don't take them to trial because it'll just hurt them more." Nobody HAS to testify in court, we have the 5th Amendment for a reason, and international courts have similar rules as well. The victims are the ones who should decide if they want to talk about their ordeal or not.
  16. It does, which made me sad that I couldn't customize it, it was just screaming for a black/gold combo so I could name my character Mandalore.
  17. For those of you who don't live in the trust-fund-baby, hippe-community that the California North Coast is, I'm not surprised you find this so surprising. While certainly people here don't watch movies much less shower, those who did see Avatar use it as more connon fodder in their destroy-society-live-like-the-animals arguments. It's nice that some of these people are getting help, it's sad they exist to begin with, and sad...though not AS sad that they killed themselves.
  18. Except that court cases are often a motivation for CHANGING the law, like ya know, Brown v Board of Education, and Roe v Wade. Just because a law exists does not mean that a court can't rule in a manner which is opposed to the law, therefore striking a blow AGAINST the law, and therefore weakening it's future relevance.
  19. Assuming of course, one is available. It is not always the case.
  20. The worst part of it is that none of them seen to understand that the only reason 9/10 of our social programs exist is because of "national defense". Highways were built to more easily transport military weapons. Education was promoted so that americans would be better than their enemies not only in fighting, but in smarts as well. The government maintains these services not because they're profitable, but because they're necessary in order to be able to beat our enemies. If we're a bunch of idiots living isolated from each other who can't afford to pay the tolls on roads because we've got no government service helping us find jobs or go to school, how can anyone possibly expect us to defend our country. The problem with independent agencies is the one brought up on the Daily Show. There is absolutist no reason that "Independent Agency #5" is actually not just an extension of the business they were brought in to examine. The relationship is equally as incestuous in business as it is in government.
  21. No, that previous statement was the argument I have received from many upon many libertarians. Reduce the government to just the national defense and let the market take care of everything else.
  22. wow, day late here but dang that was funny.
  23. You mean internet we have to pay for from a company? On computer hardware we have to buy from another company or rent from another company? Powered by electricity we buy from another company, in a home we purchased with a loan through a corporate bank? Companies which are often known to work together in order to fix prices and stifle competition? Libertarianism can never exist so long as corporations have you by the balls. There's no such thing as free enterprise when the market is not inherently free, and yes, that includes government overt restriction as well as corporate covert restriction. This is why libertarianism has always been insulting to my intelligence whenever someone offers the argument: "Well you can just go somewhere else or do it yourself." That isn't the case, it just does not work that way.
  24. A little paranoia is always healthy, but "privacy rights" gets the real paranoia cooking. I do try to keep things interesting. Of course they want attention, the more they get, the more votes they'll get. Easy sqeezy. I suspect that most of the people who sent threatening emails or phone calls were visited by some big men in black suits who were surprisingly insistent on "coming inside". Again, cops have little say in most prosecutions, particularly for civil complaints, or events they weren't present for. Most cops I know are good people, some are complete (*@&$ though. Such is life. I generally trust that bad people get punished. My trust is sometimes misplaced, but I still like to think that that's the way it works. Yes, and no, sure, a single, large database makes for an easier target. However, it also makes for a more securable location, while multiple, smaller databases are less appetizing to target, they are often much less secure. Identity theft mostly comes from banks being hacked, not federal databases, or people making stupid purchases online. if they have access to the system, they probably have access to the data now. Dunno, sometiems you gotta spend to make.
  25. To buy a car, to take out a loan, to buy a drink, to get a pack of smokes, to rent a house, to get a job, to file your taxes, to get your tax rebate. Oh, I dunno, for just about everything to prove you are who you say you are. You wouldn't be very in favor of a system where I could walk into a bank, claim to be you, and then get all your money just because nobody happened to ask me for ID. You don't "take" your records to a new doctor. Your doctor keeps them and your new doctor has to request them EVERY SINGLE TIME they want to look something up on them. Yes, you may fill out the basics at every different doctor, but if your doc wants to know who did your open-heart surgery, that's a request. Yes, this won't be fixed by a new ID, this is a problem with our medical system. The problem can be helped with a new ID system as they won't have to have 6 different pictures of an ID in your medical records every time you go to a new state. I dunno, there have been a lot of advances in making non-fakeable things these days. It won't be foolproof, but it should be better. No, there will be LESS bureaucracy. As every single state will not need to invent it's own license and ID system, every single state will not need it's own rules for what they look like, how they're offered, who can get them, and so on. You won't have to get a new one every time you change your state, or even in some cases, move between parts of your states.
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