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  1. TRiLoGY


    It worked for me too!! Thanks again for all your help!!! /me Runs off to reinstall Service Pack 2
  2. TRiLoGY


    Yes... my version of Windows is fully up to date!!
  3. TRiLoGY


    I've updated my drivers etc but It still wont work Looks like I might have to take it back to the Shop
  4. TRiLoGY


    I Just tried with HT off and it still didnt work too I've tried turning Firewall/Anti-virus off and it wont work.. I will try updating drivers..
  5. TRiLoGY


    Ok, I will try turning off HT and I will let you know if it works.. Oh, and thanks for your help so far
  6. TRiLoGY


    Turning off my anti-Virus has not worked System Specs: Intel P4 3Ghz 800FSB HT, 1GB Pc3200 Ram, ATI Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition 256mb Soundblaster Audigy 2 2x200GB HDD
  7. TRiLoGY


    I have not tried turning off my Anti-Virus, but I will try. I bought the Game an hour ago from my local 'Game' shop (loughborough, England, UK)
  8. TRiLoGY


    I have just bought Battlefront II and have installed it, However, Whenever I try to run the Game a messagebox pops up saying: "A required security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed." So I cant play the game.. I have Re-installed the Game several times and I have triple-checked that I have entered the Key code off my Manual correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  9. Well its 7am here in the UK, which means I only have to wait a couple of hours b4 I get the game!! :D I have to admit, after seeing a few negative comments Ive been getting a little bit scared! But its good to finally see some Positive ones. After reading some of the comments I know im going to love this game!!!!
  10. Im gonna play SP first, seen as you dont actually get the LightSaber until level 5 (According to PCGamer UK Review), And I dont want to spoil the experience by using the LightSaber in MP before I learn to use it in SP!
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