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  1. The AT-ST has been nerfed his special hability isnt an area attack anymore so its useless...
  2. I would like to see a peace timer like other RTS have for those who doesnt know what im talking about you set a time 30 mins 60 whatever and in that time the enemy wouldnt attack you if you attack em the peace is over i say this because i cant play GC without loosing half of my plantes in the first 20 mins having no time to build any defenses maybe is because im a noob...so any veteran can tell me what he does when he plays big GC maps with a lot of planets since the beggining with 15000 credits?
  3. in the planets where bribe? (dunno the name in english) the one who dont allow to produce garrison units well the space station of the consortium didnt produce fighters the ISD's didnt produce TIEs....dunno if its intended btw the juggernaut is pretty weak a misile tower of the consortium can kill a juggernaut even when the point laser defense systems are activated...so is useless
  4. The AI doesnt build any turbolaser tower or shields would be nice if the will so conquering a planet will be more of a challenge
  5. i noticed that everytime i use the scout unit slot you cant summon moff tarkin into the battle he doesnt appear anywhere maybe its because he doesnt have his own ship
  6. i have the same problem should i restart campaing or what?
  7. The rebels in GC only build ion cannons and they doesnt even use them...this happened in medium dificulty they had tatoine and some other planets with just ion cannons but in the space battles no one was fired (spanish version of FOC btw)
  8. another bug when dark troopers and bobba fett go trough the water while using their jetpacks they start to blink in yellow and have that little water icon on then even when they arent on the water anymore
  9. the DS II-IG-88 thing is balanced because if he is removed from the game you just build the DS II again and then IG-88 wouldnt be there to stop you or does the DS II cant be builded again?
  10. ok so i finally got it...im in love with it but the lancet is just ubber you can kill anything including heroes easily luke skywalker doesnt reflec blaster bolts to the enemys the mc-30 is overpowered the rebels use a lot of marauder cruisers in GC and yes i hate artillery
  11. i dont have FOC yet (im from spain) but i have a doubt about the executor how powerful is it? i know bombers can take it down easy but i want to know how it does against other big ships like the mon cals cruisers or those big zann's ships also would be easier if devs put the hability to launch vader in his TIE from the executor...
  12. is there any way to build the skipray and some other units that appear shadowed? if not why are them in the demo
  13. so do u have to pay for download it? any way to get it for free?
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