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  1. And is able to give me a link to it or send it to me my email is callumsaw69@hotmail.com I found the skin on pcgamemods.com but that is obviously dead so i need to find it again. Thanks in advance.
  2. lucasarts have a division in australia right? can someone give me their email address? none of my local stores sell academy anywhere anymore and i want a copy of the game.
  3. thanks i think that may be my problem how would i update my driver? do i just click on the update driver button in system information/hardware?
  4. hey i just got academy on computer so i could play multiplayer online with my friend. I loaded the game and it seemed to work fine except for when i went into the game it loaded that command prompt type thing at the beginning saying that it could not load my open gl or something but in mutiplayer it wouldnt load at all coming up with a send error report box. So i did the cp analysis and it sed i could play the game so i checked my graphics card with the list of cards you can use and mine was listed. can anyone help me i really want to play!!!
  5. Alright i just got a copy of academy and loaded it onto my computer but when i went to play it and it came up with that command prompt type loading thing and told me that there was an open GL 1.04 error or something to do with open gl. i thought it may be something to do with my graphics card so i did the system scan and it sed that everything was fine. Can anyone help with this i just got academy mods and want to use them online with my friend. im stumped
  6. Hey just a quick question is there any possible way you can get skins/mods for the xbox version of academy or KOTOR 1/2?
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