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  1. Hey. How's it going?

  2. i know its really late, but back when you were still modding, you asked about a tool that changed the hue of multiple files at once. Well i found one.



  3. Hey, if you want I could finish up ryloth for you. If you told me what you needed.

  4. Srry it took me so long to change my avatar. Its been changed from Darth Yoda for about a week now (srry Dawg).

  5. yea my game is messed up, wont install

  6. You said you'd be back, and still you'r not. :( Hope live hasn't been too much of a hell...

  7. Hows things going HK?

  8. it was a joke lol

  9. :raise:I haven't made any rumors.

  10. hey revan if you ever get back on I need you to send me those skins of those modules for ryloth. I might need them later if i decide to work on it again. just upload em to a site and pm me the link

  11. We miss you over at his :(

  12. Hey, hows your planet mods going?

  13. Hows it going?

  14. Have you gotten to start Ryloth again?

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