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  1. yea my game is messed up, wont install

  2. it was a joke lol

  3. hey revan if you ever get back on I need you to send me those skins of those modules for ryloth. I might need them later if i decide to work on it again. just upload em to a site and pm me the link

  4. Thanks, A new tv.

  5. Not much is established yet, just that it will involve a sith yoda who needs your help, then betrays you. Focusing on Ansion more.

  6. LR! Hey man havent talked to you in awile. I am hopefully about to start on Ansion/Ryloth again and I need you to send me the reskins you made. Thanks!


    PS: How it goin over on your side of the world?

  7. yeah.


    Alot. I lost all my dialog and story for many parts of Ansion when my ipod touch crashed as I wrote it on there. After I get that rewritten and all the characters for those couple rooms done, I got to type dialog and get some scripts(codes not as in storys). Then a few touches and Ansion will be done. Ryloth is virtually nothing, but those quests you sent me will save AlOT of time.


    Hopefully I can get most of it done this summer, inbetween my many trips.

  8. Nice. So you cancelled Sins of Rep? Also you should add M4 to you sig.

  9. Happy B Day!

  10. Nope, havent talked to him in awhile, as a story guy?

  11. Ok! School is coming to a end and I might be able to take Ryloth/Ansion off hold, also my bro got a new truck so that problem is also fixed. Stuff is finally clearing up. you?

  12. ive been taking alot of tests in school so barely anything.

  13. Hey due to all the recent recommended mod posts, due you think we should make a stickey, where people can post there lists?

  14. Where am I? Here. :lol:


    Sorry I havent been around much, doing some RL stuff. Havent been able to mod much either. Await my return :xp:

  15. You forgot kicking open bathroom stalls because youre "retarted"

  16. What Peter's not normal intelligence :carms:


    Okay...maybe not too normal...

  17. Hey E007! Got to say its weird seeing you with a new avatar, im so use to Luke. :D

  18. To ask a question? What?

  19. cant playing a game, thats laggy enough....

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