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  1. mine has 2 reasons only 1. is not really a reason but anyway when it said name:i thought it ment name as in your namenot user name:( 2. my name is connor
  2. can some one make a sig out of thisclick herefor me please thanks
  3. i didnt even know... i thougt i was 600 years old...sorry
  4. that perfect thanks Sabretooth ps ah i forgot how to move it from here to SWTWOTD
  5. the relese date is sep 12 right
  6. i think jk4/jk3 you should be jaden it has two slections lS DS different levels for the sides story line good features good then they should do a expashion pack of the same time but your kyle looking for jaden
  7. may some one please make a title pick for me on STAR WARS The War of the Dead? Thanks
  8. join i shall... Name: Yogart Age:600 Weopon:2 x-sabers Aligned Sith species:Yoda species A secret sith a apritice of darth bane
  9. [hello any up dates] Nordar ran into hanger 18 trowing a gernade that killed all the troopers in range. Then he ran to Aranos and Arken.
  10. I ban all of you for banning people.
  11. Nordar jumped up slashing 3 troopers and stabbing 1.
  12. Nordar went to the hangor and killed them anyway
  13. (sorry) Nordar moved forawrd killing a jedi but notising a leader. He signaled Malus the leaders are in hangor bay 627 my lord.
  14. Nordar comlinked Mulas, My lord Arken and Aranos are fighting each other over Nordar ran to the fight pushing them both.
  15. Nordar left Mulas notising the fight of Arken and Aranos.
  16. Nordar jumped trowing his saber cutting 5 in half while lightning 10 others
  17. Let's kill some rebels said Nordar removing 3 rebel heads and stabbing another.
  18. Darth Nordar jumped up and stabbed a rebel pushing the body into 3 others then removed there heads. He then spotted Mulas appritices and ran to them. Then Darth Bilas joined them
  19. yeah,there probaley is going to be about 100 new levels of BF3 if there is going to be 1
  20. Luke skywalker VS his son Ben Skywalker WIN???????????????????????????????????
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