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  1. Oops, miseducation on my part. In any case, it would be nice to see a new JK game with a new protagonist and an awesome physics engine to boot.
  2. Ah, I always thought JK1 was made from the Q2 engine... although Q2 did use sprites and no models so I'm probably and most likely wrong.
  3. Given that JK games have always utilized the most modern version of the Quake engine I won't be surprised if they use the Quake 4 one (modified Doom 3 engine).
  4. I'm hoping they have something sexy at the LA booth at E3 this year.
  5. I'm hoping to see it at work this weekend so I can hide myself a copy Vampire Bloodlines also comes out on the 16th which looks sweet. Vampires are bad ass and the source engine is sexy put them together for pure awesomeness.
  6. Naw, it's only there so we can taunt customers with it
  7. We got 3 boxes of Halo 2 in at work on Friday, the collectors edition is sexy
  8. The screens don't do the game any justice, but the trailer sure does http://www.lucasarts.com/ep3/
  9. My 7/10 was from the PC Version. The console versions would probably get a higher score from me as there aren't too many games like this on them. Does anyone have the PS2 version yet? I wanna know if you can go 2 player online (i.e. online split screen with another buddy) EDIT: I'd like to add that I enjoyed this more than BF: Vietnam
  10. I got an early copy (snuck a sale in during my shift at work when it was behind the desk ) and I dunno what this guy is talking about but the graphics on high detail look great. The water reflects realistically, you can see wild life in the environment such as fish swimming, birds flying etc. and the bump mapping looks good to. It's nothing revolutionary and I give it 2 weeks before I uninstall and forget about it but it's good none the less. Also, why are you saying that it's slow? If you manage to find a server with a decent amount of people the game speed is actually well balanced. 7/10 from me. It's enjoyable but not spectacular.
  11. Whats with the high system reqs? I barely meet them and I can play the game perfectly on highest detail 1024x768
  12. NWN was a sweet game and I can see Dragon Age doing just as well. Lets hope Obsidian does a good job with NWN 2 Sucks that Jade Empire is XBOX only, I was looking forward to that one
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