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  1. I can give ya'll a little link to our web site that might help ya out. http://www.levelingmechanism.com/home The home of Leveling Mechanism from 1.02 I have been mapping for over a year now and have worked on 20+ maps from small duel maps to very huge maps that you can get lost in. I only have a couple maps uploaded to pcgamemods and now for some reason I get an error there about an error in the mysql...blah blah blah which is a problem with their web site and there is no way to work around it. I haven't submitted any maps or mods to jk2files yet but do plan on doing so in the future. A few of the maps are finished and a few are still under production. I have messed around with doing a couple sp to mp conversion maps and have been fairly successful. One map everyone is raving about that is still under production is Bespin Ruins. Right now I am at v6 and hope to finish the map shortly. I'll even post ya a screenie: ffa_bespin highly modified!!! bar, armory,underground levels, secrets and more. Trying to get this one finished asap but I keep getting side tracked by working on various maps and working and such. Currently I am working out the bugs in a friends forest_house map created by Ook. He has one he is working on now which is an old west town that is really kool and he was going to abandon his forest house map so I asked him if I could work out the bugs in his map and finish it up for him and he was kool with that. So I am already close to finishing the forest house map after just a couple days of working on it. I have a little more to do with the map but it should be finished shortly. Most everyone who plays 1.02 knows our web site is a place to find a few kool maps that you can't find anywhere else. Thought I would let a few more know about some of the maps (and mods) we have available. Hope you like 'em. laterZ ~bings~
  2. tell ya what I have heard works for a lot of people when they can't get it to run on a new machine..... locate the jk2mp.exe and right click on it then find the option that says "run in windows 95 combatability mode" and apply and try again. We have had so many people get their JK2 running only by using this option.
  3. There is still a lot of life left for people who play JK2 1.02. Sadly enough [EoS] has recently gone into retirement however there are still many who love 1.02 and refuse to update to 1.04. This is why I am making this post. If someone out there has it or can point me in the right direction I would be forever in your debt. My goal is not to change much about the gameplay....I am just looking to fix a few bugs on server crashing and to possibly add a couple admin commands or emotes to help the JK2 community. Our clan, Leveling Mechanism, has a computer programmer in our midst and has created a small mod already for 1.04 just to test things out. I am positive with his help and a few others we could improve 1.02 and help other server renters breathe a little easier. If there is any way possible.....the 1.02 community would be entirely in your debt. thanx lil_binger@levelingmechanism.com
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