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  1. mike stemmle + sam & Max season 3 = me clawing at my keyboard in anticipation
  2. the funny thing is I agreed with a lot of his review and then he just slapped a low score on at the end, he didn't really explain where the story or jokes fell flat for him.
  3. ice station santa was very good..i've got no reason to worry about episode 2.. you are already setting yourself up for a poor review by reviewing it against WHAT YOU WANT instead of just reviewing the game that is given to you.. what i am worried about is the sales for season 2 because its so quiet over at telltale, nothin like last year.. i hope people just bought the new season and have nothing to say
  4. season 2 I would just like to see more out there chaacters more weird and zany situations and less repetition
  5. Hey I think the Telltale forum is very good, and the suggestions on the whole make a lot of sense.. A lot of people played hit the road, where inventory combination was a key to a lot of its puzzles.. Its only natural some people would miss that..particularly as the new games only have 4 or 5 inventory items an episode..
  6. I've got the original box with the 31/2 inch floppy disks..the talkie box..the hintbook and all my old adventurer mags.. it would make a lot of sense for gametap to acquire hit the road.. but you know how lucasarst are these days..
  7. they just hired graham annable as well! he was doing the artwork for sam and max freelance police wasnt he? hey i'll take telltale over bad brain anyday
  8. i just find the fact that they have to make a post telling people they cant talk about sam and max 2 funny.. yeah theres no interest in the game at all!! i hope lucasarts folds soon for that decision..which is where they are heading.. theres ya marketplace realities suckers!
  9. gabez thanks for the scans.. i love your site
  10. is there anyone in the uk who can scan this for us? id love to see it
  11. is this the uk edition..what month? and what do they say about the site? thanks tim
  12. or u can buy one of these http://www.cafepress.com/samandmax
  13. its a pity synthetic gerbal didnt send em a couple of severed hands so i wouldnt have to read his stupid ass unfunny posts
  14. you do it for purcell stemmle and the development team who spent all this time on the game
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