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  1. Good work, this new mapper deserve to be welcomed with all the honours! i like the screenshots.
  2. That's the good way! Thank for the screens.
  3. Good resolution to finish it. Where will you post this level? (jk3 files is dead)
  4. It seems there is a new good mapper here! I can feel your force, guy! Good new sp maps in perspective.
  5. "cheating is not very fun with the actual enemies". Right, but this can be more challenging if enemies have more heavy guns, and adding somes dark jedi. That's JBJHJM's idea. "it will not be the same game", "it will not be the true story". Right. Is it bad? Imagine something different: player, time, enemies are not the same. Only the same map. It's not dark Force, but a "mod of the mod" fun to play.
  6. I agree with the suggestion. Very good idea. .
  7. Many Thanks! Good Job! A pleasure to play! Why i can't find this mod on Jk3 Files ?
  8. For me, this story about lightsaber is not really a problem. Player must cheat if he want this weapon or force powers... ok... i don't see the problem, if they want to cheat, well, they cheat, it's their problem, and not a bug of the mod. Others things are more important to fix, like missing textures or elevator bug. Don't spend your time with cheaters. I noticed a little thing in the last cutscene with Darth Vader (just at the begining of Detention) : The guy with the gun talking with Vader never look at him, i think he could look at Vader from time to time, that could be an improvement for the animation, more natural.
  9. Yes, a few bugs in the latest version, but, what a good work!! very immersive, i enjoy playing these maps, many thanks!! The patch/new version is worth working for.... A last effort !!!
  10. i played it many month ago, so i'm not sure... If the 4 entrances (corresponding whith 4 areas) are numbered from left to right, After you active the switch in the area n 4, return to the second entrance there is a big room which is now plenty of water, so you can access the hole at the other side, you will find the hiding area. Remember i'm not sure of the area order and number, try... and good luck!
  11. the screenshots looks very promising, i like the atmosphere. I suppose it means serious efforts and great amount of work. i do not post very often but i follow the progress of the mod from the beginning. Sure that it will be good to play. We wait. Do you plane a new demo with the last level made ? Perhaps it could be a good idea to keep the interest of the community, to show that the mod continue to exist and do a good work?
  12. the screenshots looks very promising, i'm sure that a lot of people are waiting for the mod or a third demo, for example, i do not post here very often but i follow the progress of the mod with much care. keep the good work and don't worry, we continue to wait for downloading something good to play. Thanks for your work.
  13. and what's the progress on the 6 levels demo? can you give indication (%) ? what's the time remaining ? (estimation)
  14. The third demo (with the Jedi outcast one), that's what i mean. I like this frozen atmosphere in the screenshots, and the moving mechanic paths.
  15. I'm waiting for a long time the DF mod, i really enjoy the 3 levels demo , and today, i 'm really happy to see theses screenshots, good atmosphere in the robotic facility. good mapping work here. Soon a 3th demo?
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