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  1. did u finish ur fanatic? before i know bao-dur is one but, i want a sith!!!!!! I have combined your Double Posts. Please refrain from Double Posting, that is having multiple posts in a row, while it is alright to do in some rare instances, here it isn't. Use the 'edit this' post feature to add any new content to your previous posts, thanks. -RH
  2. i agree they should not be turned into gods but revan is one of the best, i just really like revan. i would not like to see him fight thousands of sith. battle a sith lord yes. i would like to see these ending the sith empire is crushed, the sith lord is dead, revana and the exile do battle to see who would control the galaxy, ill give one dead but not both!!!!
  3. does anyone know if the exile is older than revan?
  4. This may sound like the main plot this is going to talk about the characters around revan or whoever. Who will be the new party? [Kevar is alive!!!!]
  5. it would be pretty cool, but the plot would get really dragged out and that's why it would be best to continue in the future. even though some people want to see it pull the movies and go back, but what is the plot the mandalorian war-boring, im just saying there is thousands of years to pick from and expansion would be a short fix a boring long term thing.
  6. i would have to see the same about kevar, how about kevar did not get killed, kreia didn't kill him on purpose. that could be done for all three who died, kevar rules!!!!(this is a different thread)
  7. it would be pretty hard to do what happened in the movies but kotor, the options are limitless
  8. wow.... i think that revan is the best, and i have no problem with doing all of that again, revan's power is limitless and there are so many people and connections from the two previous games, so far i ve only heard one good plot where u are not revan its on another thread. it goes by a jolee bindo a spirit ghost teaching u the ways of the jedi and training u. then after that and as a last mission jolee asks u to find revan or turn him light again.
  9. dude thats awesome, jolee is not my fav jedi master though
  10. i think one will die and revan is all powerful god i hope it gives u his robe in kotor 3
  11. alright thanks for updating and fixing the polls
  12. in the first kotor there was the jedi enclave on dantooine where you learned the ways of the jedi and the sith academy. in TSL there was the rebuilding of the enclave. will there be any academys, temples, or enclaves? or a world with sith and jedi artifacts not dantooine or korriban
  13. well if you find out, or if you can't let me know maybe i could move the threa and change the polls?
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