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  1. I think the best way to solve the landing part is to give the shuttles blasters, damage to vehicles and infantry will force you to keep a distance if to say 2 shots can knock out your at-st. that would be a good deterent
  2. From easily destroying infantry with sith lighting to corrupt all units in the radius around him the emperor is a formidable opponent. Still though the emperor can be easily defeated by a barage of rocket fire and blasters from vehicles, so the once seemingly invincible becomes mortal; however from a game perspective sould they add another power to the emperor specifically for vehicles, power up his saber more, or allow lighting damage vheicles? And also I feel his lighting should do some damage to other non jedi heros, like chewy, han, or eve c-3p0 or R2. Your thoughts
  3. So you have to use underworld in story campaign, and cant use empire to see their perspective?
  4. All i would asked is that lightning damages vehicles as well as heroes. I understand the balance aspect when it comes to infantry, but diversification of formation would be nice when theres action elsewhere and i cant micromanage.
  5. All i would asked is that lightning damages vehicles as well as heroes. I understand the balance aspect when it comes to infantry, but diversification of formation would be nice when theres action elsewhere and i cant micromanage. Lastly
  6. Please tell me you will still be able to play empire in story mode in expanision even with the addition of the underworld?
  7. The first thing that needs to be fixed is the overall AI, the computer only attacked when it had an overweliming force, not using logic as to what planet had the weakest defense or had the greatest strategic advantage economically, militarily, disrupting trade routes, as well as the unique planet advantages. Also in land battle more options per unit like the troopers, I dont know how many times a pod walker trample my entire unit, so more options like spread formation along with take cover would nice. Heroes Also the emperor I know they dont want to over power the emperor but his lighting should also take some power from the vehicles as well as other heroes instead of just canceling it altogether. Vader and the emperor along with luke, kenobi and yoda should have a universal force push for vehicles. All the force heroes should have an ability that can affect another hero as well. Like The emperors lighting should do damage, give Vadar his force choke, or dark rage where he inflicts more damage and becomes faster for ex. Space battles, I feel their should be a few more formations, maybe you want frigates and anti bomber craft in front protecting your larger ships , or you want the fighters and frigates protecting your bombers as you proceed to the spacestation. Also here again more more special abilities are needed in my opinion, if i have an IMP SD it should have more than just increased hit points, it should have beam weaponry, as a special weapon or missle barage for a few seconds of photon torpedos, or concussion missles instead of just plain more hit points. Overall increasing special abilities wont make the game unbalanced if done correctly with good counter points. I would love to get your thoughts Its been a long time since ive been here, hope to hear from you
  8. There physque is too different to be the same, and also it just may mean lightside your with her, darkside, you can hunt her down as last of the jedi masters, the villan is obviously in the game from the new trailer
  9. Think about it, all the wonders of part 1 of course wont be here, in terms of exploring the planets, the system, the universe settings. However what you want is what they said, a superior story for a 2nd installment. Like the movies after seeing it the first time and saying "man thats something" or "look at that planet", however after that initial feeling its time for the story. From whats been said this story is superior, more darker, deeper, and given your party members depth of a challange, in all honesty, the story for 1 was just average. The star forge didn't seem very important, or at least not as much as your relationship with Bastila, the suprise of you being the sith lord can't be duplicated, but different unexpected things will be better in part 2. THis time it seems the entire universe is involved ad after wiping the floor with the sith Academy students, its hard to believe any of them could threathen the galaxy. Overall i dont understand wwhy everyone is down, I like reviews, but often they nitpick on things that I overlook usually. So have you guys just read too much into the review
  10. I said something similar in my other thread, however keep in mind that part1 wasn't made with 2 in mind. I know that according to part1, the star forge corrupted them. However it has to tie in to part 2. THats why I believe when you went into unknown space after the last of the mandalorians. You proabably met the Sith Lord. It could of been the Sith Lord of part 2 or check this out(the chronicles were realy talking about Fredon Nadd and how hes was sealed on Dxun moon which is in the game} perhaps it was him. Anyway the other part of my theory stands, your jedi was the one originally selected or projected to be the more powerful, however Malak and Reven turned on you, beacuse of their relationship. Perhaps then they were told to conquer that section of the galaxy. It really didn't seem in part1 that the sith were a threat to the universe, they were on the outerrim of the galaxy. However your char is disgraced because although Reven and Malak could of betrayed you, you could of and should stopped them, thus you condemn yourself. howeevr beacuse of your ability your a serious known threat, or powerful ally. We will see
  11. I ask this becase in chronicles it brings out the Freedon Nadd story and hes on Dxun moon. HOWever in the who,le scope of the story, think of this if you choose Reven helped the jedi, then these sith must of arrived, or even if you choose that reven returned to the darkside, then the star forge could still be possibly destroyed by the True sith lords, and thus Reven could of fled. I just don't buy the fact that Reven was a true Sith Lord. I beileve Reven and Malak were aware of these other Sith Lords including your exile, however with the star forge they could assume the mantle. It also seems that these sith lords dont need some othe power source, giving the queen's involvement the plot may be more complex and more political, however your char will prove to be very significant almost someone who can snowball the power in one direction or another, however Revan is no true Sith Lord
  12. Because he knew the starmaps would reveal the location of the star forge he didn't want anyone to find him, or the source of his massive fleet
  13. Probably, because it doesn't matter that much when ther're going to be far more serious plot turns later on
  14. Actually it was explained by the elders, in the dialouge, the Star Forge uses energy generated by life, the force, however the builders were violent, hateful, and destructive the star forge beagan to characterize these traits, thus when Reven and Malak went to destroy the star forge they were corrupted, stole the star forge and became pretenders of the sith legacy. However you could argue that the seed developed when they went to fight the mandalorians, remeber on the rakatan planet all the old eqiipment and ships, and the mandalorians thats what the jedi were refering to when they said he disappeared in space for a period of time. However note the theme "THE BENEVOLENT SITH LORDS HAVE RETURN", "THESE GUYS ARE PLURAL BAD GUYS".
  15. What I meant was that it was self imposed exile, that the jedi present were aware of. Also Reven and Malak were the vocal point yes, but remember the Rakatan elders also acknowledge that the temple was filled with dark jedi, and there were others(mandalorians), however part 1 was not writte with 2 in mind, so they had to had slip him in somewhere, and he was a prominent enough jedi to be considered a serious threat. You must have a measure power, for these true to want you, it will connect that way somehow
  16. I believe that your character was true hero of the mandalore wars, however i Believe the twist could very possibly be along the lines of this. Your character was the one who could of ordered the fleet to pursue the mandalore into the unkown region as the jedi said reven and malak disapered there for some time. I believe they could of found out about the star forge, fell under its influence or your character discovered somthing about it first and Revan and Malak could of turned on him. I belivve your char could of started them down the dark path or at least introduced them to the evil Rakatan temple presence. The jedi must of found out, and then decided to banish him for allowing or not stopping Reaven and Malak. However your cahr also knew of the true sith lords that would return
  17. The game is shrouded in mystery, there're many characters that will become invaluable or a detriment to you; however in the last game the hook or reason for everything was the discovering of the star forge, do you believe it will be something similar. What is it that has allowed the sith to return with this much power? I Believe That these sith are unrelated and using what is left of Malaks.THis could explain why the Sith here or so much more powerful. Even with the darkside ending, Revan still disappeared into space, possibly meaning he feared the return of the true sith lords, and wen't into then unknown sapce. Or on the lightside, he could of went into unknown space hiding waiting for other jedi to find him. It also seems that you can join the sith outright in this one after a time, how will this STORY go you think?
  18. Personally, the whole overall story of knights i want improved, it seemed that the star forge was more secondary, and it seemed more like something out of star trek. I wanted to askall of you do you believe this game will be more like one of the movies which one
  19. I the first knights, one lightsaber didn't seem to be powerful enough, it just seemed like 2 sabers and 2 hand melee feat at three was just to overpowering. Even though they had penalties for it, it wasn't noticeable, maybe just a little drop in dexterity. However it seems that one lightsaber should have an advantage over all if you have duel level 3. What do you guys think about this? especially with the different styles and all.
  20. I dont know about you guys but since he's male i really hope hes not REVAN. Its good then that from the littled revealed so far that Obisidan understands whats good and whats garbage and corny. Note the story, the benevolent SITH LORDS have returned. Believe me a lot of us who understand good char and story appreciate this taking of the story to a heavier and darker level, and bringing more depth into char. Even Malak could of been explained as to why he had his lower jaw servered, or Canderous, after his battle with Jagi, he voices his displeasure with himself, but there's not much more than that. Even your chr fought with reven and malak in the mandalorian wars, giving u good depth to your char to begin with. How do guys feel about that Revasn basically stole the star forge when the elders wanted him to destroy it, and used it to bring back the sith, he and Malak pretenders of the sith legacy. IN THIS TIME, THEIR CAN BE MORE THAN 2, so it would'nt shock me if sion is just the dirty work, enforcer type. This hasn't been one of my better post but your thoughts on all this and your opinions are wanted
  21. Rule 1 This is pre refined Sith, this is in the era of the orginal sith so their can be more than 3 Sith Lords in this game. Thus limiting one of the Sith lords to reven or bastila wont be needed. Rule 2 Bastila or Reven are not one of the sith, The one in the white mask is masculine. Aside I don't think the developers would waste great bad guys on old char from the first. Rule 3 These bad guys have been official described as "Plural bad guys" and "the benevolent Sith lords have returned to reclaim their throne". All things implied suggest that reven and Bastila will have nothing to do with being one of the sith forces. Whats more Reven probably left in hopes of avoiding the slaugther, and restoring the jedi in the future. Add ons Opinions everyone, anyone
  22. There were plenty of Sith in part 1. Do you think these are the same Sith. I hope not, I hope the these Sith are unrelated, and they reveal something to the affect that they were in a diiferent part of the galaxy while Reven and Malak used the power of the Star Forge to be pretenders. Its been said this game will focus more on the apprentice master relationship. I hope the head sith remains unseen, the one in the white mask, is definetly a he. SO far the villans look to be more sinister, what are you hoping for from the villans
  23. The Sith seemed to just claim evil, having no reason to align themselves with the darkside. Reven it seemed just claimed Sith Lord because he had the power of the Star Forge to back him, which the main sith had knowledge of but didn't create. The academy sith were especially goofy. Perhaps in Sith Lords the incarnation of the Sith will be more menacing, actuallt threatening. And truly villanous, and having complexities and depth to them.
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